Monday, February 19, 2018

TerraMinta: 1983 Toyota Celica Supra P-Type

The 2nd-gen MA60 Supra, like its predecessor, still fell under the Celica umbrella, being based on the economy coupe but with a longer nose, inline six-cylinder engine, and sportier MO. These cars are solid if not the most exciting classics on the market, but if you're looking for your ticket into 80s Japanese Radwood perfection, this might just be it. Find this 1983 Toyota Celica Supra P-Type for sale in Rancho Cucamonga, CA for $10,000 via craigslist. Tip from FuelTruck.

I don't recall seeing a more mint example than this 2nd-gen Supra, but plenty of them came in the terra cotta & black color scheme seen here. The interior on this one is perfect, even including a digital dash, and the story is interesting. The whole car seems like a time capsule and would probably appreciate given that the $10k asking price is OBO, and this 133k-mile cream puff might be attainable for $8500 or so.

That silky six may only pump out 145hp, sure. But with working AC, a 5-speed manual, those classic wheels, and this kind of condition...I fail to see how you could go wrong with this thing.

See a more perfect coupe? email us here:

CFlo wants this car, but can't have it!


  1. Everything about this car is awesome. However, if it's been for sale for over 3 weeks in the outskirts of Los Angeles and still hasn't sold, I'm going to assume the price is on the high side of market. Still, try to find another as clean and original as this. Probably worth the price. Hopefully it stays as stock as it is.

  2. Wheeler Dealers did a U.S. Supra recently. Spent ~$11K total, re-sold it for $12K.

    Details here

  3. That's a clean-looking survivor. Used to love those when they were new, but the styling didn't age well. Bet it will be a total nightmark when that jukebox dash croaks...

  4. Great looking car. I'll sell you my cream puff AW-11 for less than half that. Or maybe I won't, at this point.


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