Sunday, February 4, 2018

Pond Scum- 1987 Oldsmobile 442

The 1987 Oldsmobile 442 was the swan song for the pseudo hotrod G-body coupe.  The 442 couldn't hold the Buick Grand National's jock strap in terms of outright speed, but it still was a desirable car.  These special models were fully equipped and had many options you would have thought should have come standard on car by 1987.  The warmed over 170 hp 307 was only good for mid 9 second 0-60 times and a 16 second 1/4 mile.  With all that said, Olds sold a ton of these cars and they are very easy to make faster in 2018.  Today's 442 has some light engine mods, but what really stands out is the shade of green it was painted.  Given the relatively low selling price, the putrid color scheme is not helping the resale value. Find this 1987 Oldsmobile 442 for sale in Woodbury Heights, NJ for $4,000 via craigslist.

Here are the details provided by the seller:

1987 oldsmobile 442
Super low original miles

Headers, with custom dual exhaust
Oversized champion 4 core radiator
Aftermarket Wheels and tires offset sizes
Custom paint- I didn't think neon pond scum green was a factory color!
Hid headlight system
ignition system
K N air filter

Super clean and solid car with clean title . vehicle runs solid needs very little
Can be seen at a friend's shop

The 442 and the Cutlass Calais were equipped with full gauge package rather than the idiotic ribbon speedometer that should have been put out to pasture in the 1970's.  The 442 was also fitted with floor shifter and bucket seats. 

What is your favorite 1980's G-body factory hotrod - Grand National, Cutlass 442, Monte Carlo SS, or Grand Prix Aero Coupe?

See another car painted a horrible shade of green? email

Cory survived a kamikaze junkyard run to three Baltimore area pick and pull yards yesterday and will be writing up a review of the LKQ website/app soon.


  1. 307? They got a song for that one?

  2. Just try and catch Kermit Riding Dirty
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

  3. That gauge cluster is going to need some work. The tach and oil pressure gauges are giving readings yet there's no key in the ignition. Or the car was started with a screwdriver and the volt gauge is broken. Then you've got other issues to contend with.

  4. Once bought a Ford Econoline van for $400.

    It was bright (BRIGHT) green.

    Guy had used it to haul seafood in the SF Bay Area, so the salt water had rusted out the back doors and slider.

    I went to a Pick-a-Part, got new doors (for less than $200), and had Earl Sheib do a deluxe paint job (grey metallic).

    It looked amazing.

    Re-did the tranny, and drove the wheels off it for the next 15 years. Was bulletproof reliable.

    Original seats were pathetic, so I'd installed some old Recarros from a Ford Co test vehicle (long story...). Very comfy for long drives.

    Was my work truck for years. Loved that beast.

    And it all started because it was froggy green... and no one would buy it...

    -Stan (the *other* Stan...)


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