Monday, February 26, 2018

Orange Juiced: 1995 Tropica by Renaissance Cars

If you are anything like the average car guy, you must remember the mid 90s electric sports car called the Tropica -- it was...okay...yeah...I got nothin. Zip, zitch, nada. No recollection of anything electric with Corvette tail lights and a limited run of 16 cars, some of which ended up in the private collection of Don Johnson, who put them on the small screen in "Nash Bridges"...but I've got to admit that this could have been a totally made up background story.  Find this 1995 Tropica by Renaissance Cars offered for $5555 in Laguna Beach, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:
1995 Tropica electric sports car. Factory made in Florida. 19 built. Freeway legal. Batteries dead.

See a cooler way to show up your Tesla driving neighbors?


  1. Batteries not included. Ok, ok, I'm leaving...

  2. more info here

    blue one was driven by Yasmine Bleeth

  3. Wow, an electric car I would be interested in owning! How much is a replacement battery pack?

    1. It only takes 750 AAA batteries, Costco has a deal on them

    2. Right, but I guess I want to be sure to get the 2000 mAh ones..... and not use the headlights too much.

      The truth is both better and worse than we might have thought. Looks like it is a lead-acid pack:

      [image src="" width="400px"/]

      On the flip side, who would like to suggest an ICE conversion? That battery pack kind of makes me think along the lines of a miniature Lotus Elan or a Miata set up.

    3. I applaud the design of this. Really interesting attempt for the time, however stoneage technology.

  4. If you are into that whole thing about cars having facial expressions, this would be "I can't believe I'm a car."

    I wonder if anyone has developed a kit to retrofit lithium ion battery packs into cars that were built with lead acid cells.
    designed by this guy

    1. this seems to be the nexus of info about this car.

  5. It is likewise significant that the vehicle must extend your status proficiently.Pre-Owned


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