Monday, February 19, 2018

Not So Delicate: 1992 Mitsubishi Delica Exceed 4WD Turbodiesel

The Mitsubishi Delica was a compact Japanese van with unibody construction, a mid-engine RWD or 4WD drivetrain, and a smattering of engine options. These were sold in North America under the creative model names Van and Wagon, and only lasted a few years here (1987-1990). Those were basic cargo and people mover versions, but if Mitsu had offered us the full-on 4WD turbodiesel Delica in this market, they might have been as common as 4Runners and Cherokees. Find this Mitsubishi Delica 4WD for sale in Fort Myers, FL for $15,000 via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

The cab-forward configuration of a classic van, where the driver is sitting over the front axle, does take some acclimation if coming out of a normal car. To turn the thing, you wait until you yourself are in the turn before moving the wheel - and timing is quite a bit different. But visibility is unmatched and cargo/people space is of course maximized with the controls and windshield pushed all the way forward.

Being a Japanese import, this Delica is right hand drive with high quality cloth upholstery. Twin sticks are for the 5-speed manual trans (right) and the 2-speed transfer case (left). The inclinometer gauge pack on the dash is a cool tougch, as is the big center console / engine cover with the extra offroady grab handles.

All of the back seat passengers get to enjoy some privacy with the built in curtains, but I have to imagine on-road conversations would have to be shouted over the clatter of the 2.5L 4-cylinder diesel that sits directly ahead of the 2nd row. The little turbodiesel pumped out somewhere between 100 - 135 hp (depending on exact spec), which should be enough to pull this little bus up steep-ass hills, as the seller demonstrates in the youtube video link below.

From the seller:

I Purchased this Delica late last year from the original owner. Yes, you read that correctly. One Owner! And wait, there's more. He was a NON SMOKING owner. That's right, this Japanese vehicle supposedly has never seen a cigarette. If you have yet to see a Delica in person, or are unaware of how capable they are, see this youtube video of my other Delica climbing an insane incline. It comes factory with front and rear independent A/C which is ice cold. The van has an incredible amount of versatility due to the 3rd row's ability to slide forward, backward, or fold up entirely. There isn't anything like these vans in the world.

Delica L300 Exceed Low Roof
Built 05/1992
147,660 kms
Original Paint
2.5 Turbo Diesel
5 Speed Manual
Serviced religiously by the original owner
10/10 Interior
9/10 Exterior
All fluids exchanged and services performed

This van will come with all of the import paperwork for a Florida Title. Register it and drive away!

See a van that exceeds this one? email us here:

CFlo has been a Toyota 4WD guy forever but might be turned by something as rad as this Delica.


  1. Agree that this is pretty rad. Did Toyota export this configuration to other LHD markets, like continental Europe or South America?

    1. Toyota and Mitsubishi never came to an agreement for Toyota to export the Delica.

    2. Maybe my tagline at the end about Toyota was a confuserator.

    3. Fair enough, I'll play nice.

      Toyota Space Van was the closest equivalent distributed in the US, no?

    4. Which was sold as the R20/R30 TownAce and MasterAce Surf etc. in Asia.

      The Delica was sold as the Mitsubishi Van and Wagon (very inspired names) for a couple of years in the US. Dont think it sold well.

  2. Delicious, delightful, Delica!

  3. I've always kinda wanted a kei car...


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