Thursday, February 8, 2018

Not Safe for Underwear: 1971 NSU 1200C

The NSU Typ 110 was first released into the wild in 1965 based on the Prinz 1000, but with plus sized dimensions and slightly more displacement.  In 1967 it received an upgraded rear-mounted 1200 cc air-cooled 4-cylinder engine and the name NSU 1200..but don't expect the 54 horsepower to be anything other than harrowing in modern traffic.  Find this 1971 NSU 1200C offered for $7,500 in Miami, FL. Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:
 1971 NSU 1200C.
A very Original Example in a Great Color.
Exceedingly Uncommon German Automobile.
Known for its easy of handling and simple mechanicals.
Ideal for continued preservation or vintage racing.
Desirable 4-speed manual transmission.
Offered is an exceptionally rare find here in the States, The NSU 1200C, known as continuation of the Typ 110 Prinz. Ideal for small displacement rally and race classes, the NSUs have developed quite a cult culture in Germany for their aggressive driving abilities and simple mechanical components.
Based on its headlight configuration, speedometer and identification tag, it's believed this example was an original export model for US delivery. The car appears well preserved throughout, displaying an older respray with an incredibly original cabin. The paintwork and trim show age in areas. which should clean up fairly well after detailing. Its upholstery remains in very good condition, with proper square weave carpeting, leatherette seating, rubber mats, including the trunk, faux wood trim and working Blaupunkt Frankfort radio. The majority of these 1200s fitted with a sportomatic style automatic transmission, while this car (C model) is equipped with the desired 4 speed manual.
It was able to get the car running after its long sit, but please keep in mind a full service and tune up will be required before driving on road use. It also appears the rear panel replaced at one point in the car's life.

See a better way to drive like a prinz?


  1. I believe MAD magazine called this the "Nmitz Buffoon" in an old comic. Cool little mini-Corvair.

  2. Seems to be the mutant love child of a bmw 1600 & a Renault Daulphne

  3. Now, I have never driven (nor even ridden in) an NSU, but the power to weight ratio is 30% better than my 602cc Citroen 2CV. This should keep up to traffic, and make you feel like a Grand Prix driver at the same time!

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