Friday, February 2, 2018

Not Bad At All: 1972 MGB GT

I've got a formula for my perfect classic car -- it goes like this;  No serious rust, driveable home, spare parts included, interior that won't make my wife scream, trim mostly good, about $5k.  Yeah...not much on craigslist matches those requirements...BUT this next car is spot on.  Find this 1972 MGB GT offered for $5000 in Mesa, AZ via craigslist.  Tip from FuelTruck.

From the seller:

Starts right up, good brakes, new clutch master cylinder/slave cylinder, new points/condenser/plugs. Glass is all perfect, windows roll up and down. Good looking interior. Currently registered, clean title in my name.

Straight metal, no rust holes. Some spare parts and manual included.

$5000 obo, text before calling, thanks!

See a better way to start your classic car collection?


  1. It's happening!!! as all the old guys who wanted these die off, the prices (and demand) is going down!

    1. Seriously - you can't get a much cooler/prettier classic for $5k these days. I did just find a '71 GT for $3995; better color, but needs a bunch more work. Claimed one-owner being sold by a dealer.

      Da Link

  2. There are not many easier-to-live-with classics than an MGB-GT. I wonder what that colour looks like in the sunlight?

    1. I will submit an Amazon/122s being similarly if not easier to live with.

  3. Love the color. When I was a child on our farm my grandfather had 3 GMC CCKW army surplus trucks all painted this color. I think he had a couple 50 gallon drums of paint this color that trucks, tractors, houses, signs, and anything else that needed paint got covered with. Love that color.

  4. Looks suspiciously like the one I picked up after seeing it here a couple years back; I honestly had to do a double take.

    Yeah, my seller said “no rust”, also. And the rockers and doglegs were totally shot, underneath the very pretty, very convincing fiberglass work. Bring a magnet with you, is all I’m saying.


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