Sunday, February 11, 2018

Morgan Cam-Aero: MG/Yamaha/Camaro Mutt Trike

Trade in your tweed jacket and flat cap for a Travis Tritt '93 belly shirt and a 6 pack of Busch heavy looped into your belt. Faced with a rear ended MG Midget, a laid-down bike, a rolled "Camero", and a mile of welding wire, our seller here has created a ride as diverse as these United States themselves.  Find this patriotic display of mixed origins for sale in Augusta, GA for $6,500 or trade for a different trike.

The seller is asking a rich $6,500 for this Rebel-liant, though, he is also entertaining the idea of trading for a different trike. Why you would want to swap when there are no better trikes on the planet is beyond me. Between 3.8L V6 power, gears that shift themselves, and an eagle that isn't 100% on board with the idea, what more could you want?

This vehicle does remind me of some three-wheelers built by (get ready for some Web1.0) Tim Nine out of North Carolina. Any Raleigh natives out there remember Fiat X1/9 or Saab Sonett-based trikes running around the area? Tim, or T.E., was an import junkyard owner and talented fabricator with a vivid imagination and a lot full of old imports.

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Matt is currently 'that neighbor' with a yard full of early Broncos, Toyotas, Lexi, Holdens, and Falcons in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.


  1. Given that this Bitsa has a single front wheel and two rear wheels, why would you even mention Morgan?

  2. Just for fun. Three wheels good, four wheels bad.

  3. The rear is a complete disconnect. But it's so bizarre as to potentially be awesome.

  4. What do you get when a Camaro rear ends a Midget that rear ends a motorcycle?



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