Monday, February 26, 2018

Longitudinal Wrong Wheel Drive: 1993 Acura Vigor GS

I've got to be careful, because I might be categorized as a nut by this next statement...but...this next car needs to be saved from teenagers and owned by a proper enthusiast who will treat it nicely.  Yeah.  I'm starting to be one of those people who writes: "will only sell to a good home, no drunks, no flippers!" in a craigslist advert...but how many original 5-speed Japanese cars with longitudinal 175 hp SOHC inline-5s are still on the road and haven't been run into the ground by the original owners kids/friends/enemies yet?  Not many.  Find this 1993 Acura Vigor GS offered for $4750 in Gilbert, AZ via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

For sale is a 1993 Acura Vigor GS in clean stock condition with only 69,000 miles. It is a rare manual transmission car finished in silver over black leather.

Car History:
This Vigor was in Alaska for its first year, then in Oregon for its entire life until bringing it to Arizona as a multiple vehicle trade in the spring of 2017. It was a one owner car until I took possession of it in April. The previous owner was a retired aircraft mechanic thus did all the maintenance himself so I have no service records but he did give me a list of the major work done over the years from his journal (noted below). It runs great, but I still ran it through my mechanic and spent $800 in preventative maintenance to make it mechanically turn-key. The Carfax is clean but the car has been repainted in the past.

Drive train:
The 2.5L, 20-valve 5-Cylnder engine is in excellent health and barely broken in at this mileage, is in stock form and is fully up to date maintenance wise. Mated with a 5-speed manual transmission, the car is fun to drive and handles well. I believe the clutch is original but had it checked and it shows no signs of slipping and it is not in need of any adjustment. All necessary maintenance is up to date and there are zero leaks, rattles, or other abnormal noises in the engine or transmission. Recent major maintenance work includes:

Summer 2017: alignment, Fuel Filter, drive belts (AC, Alternator, power steering), air filter, oil change, front brakes and rotors.

Summer 2016: Radiator flush, power steering flush, brake fluid flush, battery.

Spring 2015: Suspension bushings, CV boots, rear shocks

Winter 2014: Timing belt, gear oil change, Front shocks.

Spring 2013: Muffler, fuel pump, drive belts, A/C work.

The body of the Vigor is in very good condition with only a few small blemishes; the largest being an area of scratches near the trunk lid key hole. The glass and lenses are excellent with no cracks and all the lights work. The wheels are original and in good condition for their age, but do exhibit a few blemishes and scratches. The tires are 3 years old with less than 5,000 miles on them. The Vigor comes in the factory correct color of silver but has been repainted at some time in the past. From 10 feet, the paint looks great, but closer, there are several areas where the re-paint work was less than perfect. The hood and front bumper look to be a slightly darker silver color than the fenders; the rear quarter panels and rear bumper have areas of uneven or splotchy paint application as well as areas where they repainted over the partially deteriorated clear coat. It is hard to see in the pictures, but needs to be disclosed. The car has no rust other than some surface rust on the muffler.

The GS is the "premium" version of the Vigor and is trimmed in black leather with black trim and wood accents. The GS includes all power options including power sunroof, cruise control, power seats, power windows, and a pretty cool sound system, all of which works perfectly. The interior is really in awesome shape with only a little creasing in the driver's seat leather. The passenger seat had a rip in the very back bottom and was "fixed" by the PO using black epoxy which looks a little poor but is quite effective. It is unnoticeable when in the car and is really the only issue for the interior which is otherwise close to perfect. This is a factory power sunroof car that works great and does not leak. There are absolutely no warped panels, rips, stains, and no missing parts in the interior. All switches and electronics are fully operational including the A/C system is R-12 and works great. The factory DSP Cassette radio stereo with optional factory (Alpine) CD changer, and power antenna work great and the car comes with the factory floor mats, spare tire and jack kit.

The owner's manual and two factory keys convey with the sale.

See a better way to drive classy?


  1. Lusted after these in High School but could never find a clean 5spd...15 years ago.

  2. Worth double the money if the paint was better.

  3. What a great car or the money and the seller seems on point. A perfect cash car/daily or a teens first ride.

  4. I want this. For my son, of course. If it wasn’t a cool G to ship I’d have already called the dude.

  5. I reluctantly bailed out of 25 years of G1 Legend ownership because Acura totally abandoned parts support. I imagine the Vigor would be an even bigger nightmare. Nevertheless, it's a nice car and I hope it finds a good home...

    1. If they've abandoned parts support for these slightly older vehicles, that is indeed sad news.

      I can still get Volvo sheet metal for my '66 122s.

  6. Drove one of these when they first came out and it's from the era when Honda/Acura really had it going. This is an enormous amount of car for the money.

  7. My parents had a 2.5 TL while I was in university - it was a fun car, even with the autobox.

    1. +1 I had one for a number of years. It's not a standout on paper, but did everything well. Last daily I've owned with great outward visibility. Ran the engine almost completely out of oil before I realized the rear main seal was puking it out almost as fast as I could put it in. Still ran great when I traded it in a few years later. Nevery would have guess

  8. My brother had a manual one of these and I had a few turns behind the wheel. The 5cyl had a beautiful note and plenty of go, it was a really sweet machine.

  9. I wanted one of these so badly until I actually drove one. It was a Japanese Audi 100 on paper, and a Camry in reality.


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