Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Kitted out Combi: 1970 Ford E200 Supervan

The Boomers and Hipsters in their quest to project certain images, have pushed the values of Westfalias and other VW Van camper conversions to the point of ridiculousness.  Never mind that they really are barely adequate to drive ad the posted speed limit on the way to your mountain campground, the image of you and your facial hair and wool shirt chopping wood at the campsite is worth overpaying for.  If you are really serious about van camping though, you'd get one of these for a reasonable price.   Find this 1970 Ford E200 Supervan for sale in Bellingham, WA for $7,500 via craigslist.

This second generation Ford Econoline van is equipped in the Supervan trim level.  No wease-y air-cooled flat four here, you get a 302 cubic inch Windsor V-8 along with a Cuise-o-matic 3 speed auto that will get you and your gear up in the mountains at or above the speed limit.

This van was converted by Combi-wagons in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle. Unfortunately Combi-wagon is now a Trader Joes.  The van includes a fiberglass pop-top, ice box, sink with 15 gallon water supply, propane heater, ac/dc lighting and sleeps 5 comfortably, according to the owner of the last 23 years.

Here's the sellers ad:
Time to sell our old Friend! After many fun adventures and memories we are ready to pass this wonderful Camper on to the next Generation. We purchased this 23 years ago and have enjoyed many trip to Mexico, Canada and all National Parks west of Colorado. Its been extremely reliable and easy to own with a 302 V8, automatic transmission and all maintenance been done proactively. Always garaged. New brakes, batteries (house and Engine), carburetor and transmission just serviced. The Supervan has an aluminum/fibreglass poptop installed by COMBI-WAGONS when new. You can sleep 5 as well as has 5 seatbelted seats. Couch folds out to a double bed, poptop bunk sleeps 2 and the third sleeping area we call the coffin is at the rear of the van. It has a propane oven/stove, Ice box, Propane heater, AC/DC lighting inside, and sink. Great music with am/fm cd and ipod jack plus 4 speakers! We just tossed the old portipotti, but it has a locker for it. It holds about 15 gallons of water which is ran with a manual pump or hook up a hose and use the secondary faucet. Tons of storage, drawers and cabinets found throughout the van. Inside out living with a striped awning, full privacy curtains. All of the windows open making it super cool in the hot camping spots. We've slid bikes in the back as well as used the hitch for a bike rack. Also roof rack for kids bikes and goodies. Included are the stock rims and hubcaps with snow tires. Yes, you can take it skiing too! This is a 20 window van which is many ways is superior to the VW Westfalias as it has more power, more reliable, more room and has a heater that works! Plus is plain cool and unique! We get about 15 mpg which is pretty good for a camper. If you've been looking for a classic treasure and ready to have some amazing adventures, please give me a call or text. 
$7500 is a bargain for all of the memories you will create!

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Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent.


  1. Is it me, or is this thing an absolute steal?! It appears to be incredibly well kept for something approaching its 50th birthday. It also has incredibly charm in its simplicity. Would be curious about how many miles are on it and what if any major suspension bits have been replaced over the years. This clobbers a Westfalia for a small family camper van. Hipsters beware you're about to be passed!

    1. That’s what I was thinking too - a lot of camper for 7.5k. It says it has 156k on the clock, and I think I might see a little rust in a couple of the pics.

  2. First this one yestereday at barnfinds and now this? I want to say if it had a Westfalia-style pop-up with the elevated back, you might have the perfect mix that doesn't require a sardine can to sleep in.

  3. I like this thing way more than I feel is healthy.

  4. Super size me near this one for $2500

  5. In the end, it's just an old Ford van, and at $7,500, way overpriced... maybe $3K tops. I mean, for less that $7K you could buy a decent van, and convert it yourself. Also, the motor has over 150K miles, meaning it's time for a rebuild which is gonna cost around $3K (if you have a mechanic do it). So, a nice fantasy, but way too much money for a vehicle that the seller bought in 1995 for $3K with half the mileage.

  6. It's really clean, and has a nice camper conversion. I was in this market for a few years trying to figure out what to do that was quicker and more reliable than my multi-decade VW disease. These things are out there and this is about as clean as they come, but..... it's old. It's gonna have old car problems, and you'll get to play with a carburetor on vacation.

    I ended up with a 2001 Chevy Astro Van based Provan Tiger GT. It's really cool, but we've decided on something a little bigger. For sale this summer if you're interested.


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