Friday, February 9, 2018

Fastest Under $20k: 1965 Factory Five Shelby Cobra Challenge Car

We've always said that you can get an awesome car without spending huge piles of your 401k (which is shedding cash at an alarming rate if you've been following the news recently) and set an arbitrary DT self imposed limit of $20k.  Sure, you could get a well equipped brand new Honda economy car...or you could get one of the most iconic automotive shapes in history with performance that'll match just about anything sub $100k.  Find this 1965 Factory Five Shelby Cobra Challenge Car offered for $19,999 in Long Beach, CA via craigslist. Tip from Erik202.

From the seller:
 This Factory Five Shelby Cobra replica was built as a purpose built race car. It was raced successfully with NASA in the Cobra class. The Cobra includes a small block Ford 5.0 EFI engine, a Tremec 5 speed transmission that has been recently rebuilt. Racing headers, fuel Safe cell, custom radiator and a 5lb halon fire suppression system. Fully sorted and ready for the track

FIRM $20k

See a better way to go fast for less than $20k?


  1. Damn that looks like fun. If I sell our Miata, plus a Volvo or two, and a Beetle, I could have enough fundage for this thing.

    1. Color coded gauge surrounds are a clever idea. I found that the absence of a windscreen wants to rotate my helmet superiorly and posteriorly at anything over 80mph so I guess I’m out :(

    2. "superiorly and posteriorly" - Gawd I love it when you talk technical ;-)

    3. These things are amazing to drive. I had a chance to drive the grey and orange demo at an AutoX a few years ago, with Dave Smith behind me in one of their coupes, it was amazingly fun. We do our AutoX on a cart track so it was like being on a mini road course. The car was very well balanced and it was very easy to catch slides. After a few laps in my Miata this was a huge change, but afterwards my Miata still felt fun. Later in the day I was putting down laps in my Miata that beat most of the Cobra drivers. There is something to be said for not being scared of crashing your car.


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