Thursday, February 8, 2018

Definition of Sketchy: 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano

The 75 (or Milano as it was known in the US market) was Alfa's last true rear-drive executive sedan, or it was until the launch of the recent Giulia sedan. But it was the last rear-drive sedan from Alfa Romeo before they were acquired by Fiat, so it's got that going for it...   Find this 1987 Alfa Romeo Milano offered for $1400 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Erik202.

 From the seller:
90,000 original miles. Does not currently run, missing tps so that might be it? Maf doesn't look so good either so that could be it? Bought as a project that I don't have time for anymore. I did new plugs, wires, ignition coil, belts and paint. PRICE IS OBO. Not registered and I lost the title so that's why I dropped the price. Need to see ASAP

See a sketchier car for cheap?


  1. At least the priorities were in the right order of getting the paint done stat!

    1. High quality job, too! Enough orange peel to feed a dairy farm.

  2. When I saw that unmistakable ass end, it reminded me of this classic Top Gear challenge, with Clarkson driving the 75.

  3. What could('nt) go wrong?
    I have alway felt the the Milano looks bent right before the rear tires begin.

    1. I remember reading about the design of the 75/Milano and why it's so weird there at the back. It's because they used pre-existing doors from the earlier Giulietta sedan from the late '70s. That car had a straight horizontal beltline all the way around, but the Milano needed a bigger/taller trunk, so they just angled that line upwards right after the rear door and used that massive piece of side trim to cover up the job. You'd think they could have settled on a more elegant solution, but it was time for a smoke break, so...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. That doesn't sound Italian at all ;)
      Off topic however I love this video
      The most Italian Video Ever
      So Great

  4. I'd buy it just to drop a piano on it.

  5. I think these have a fairly robust transaxle and the engine bay is pretty big. Could be a candidate for a swap.


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