Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Won't Trade For MAGA Hat? 1951 MG TD

I think part of the reason I hold on to cars long after I should have sold them to the next guy is because I really hate dealing with "buyers" on craigslist...and when I say "buyers" I am referring to the endless stream of text messagers who feel the need to make unsubstantiated lowball offers without seeing the car.  However, in all my time I've never been offered drugs, confederate memorabilia, or MAGA I guess it hasn't been that bad of an experience.  Find this 1951 MG TD offered for $8,400 in Mendocino Cty, CA via craigslist.

 From the seller:
I've gone to great lengths to make this solid MG look better than it is. So please pay attention, it's for your own good.
The TD will need some sorting before you can be the the envy of your buddies @ cars and coffee. Plan on more than a couple of weekends. I've done a lot of work on this car, it's been fun, but there's a ways to go.

This is a very solid, no rust car. The MGA powertrain runs, and feels good. No smoke, weird smells, or noises. Fires easily, idles nice, shows great oil pressure. The master and w/cs are new. New brake hoses too. Fresh battery. That said, I've only driven it around the block a few times. My feet, and frankly body are just too big to drive this thing with any confidence. That, and no registration, title, or insurance of any kind, and I don't want to press my luck.

The floor, and trans tunnel are in, but crude. It needs some wiring, as you can see, original speedo and tach are missing. There's lots that's loose; switches, gauges, seats, etc. Needs a better accelerator cable set up. You'll need to decide what to do about an air filter set up. 

The paint is shinny, but thick and heavily cracked.

So, it's a running and driving TD at a basket case, or dubious VW "replica" price. Perfect for someone who has always wanted a TD, and has some skills, and experience with British cars. Might not be a great restoration candidate, but potential for a nice weekend fun driver.

I have the top frame, sans covering. Side curtains with nice patina for the street. King Dick jack, some literature, part of the original speedo, a few parts.

Car is with me here in Mendocino County. 

Do I have to remind you that a TD is an ICONIC collector car?

I'm an enthusiast, selling because I just can't fit in this car, and I have other English cars that fit me better. Don't embarrass yourself with a stupid offer. If you feel compelled to write, "I'll give you, XXXX, CASH" That's a hint that you don't know what you are doing.

Bill of sale only. NO Title.

Not looking for trades, but I am an addict. BSA Victor, nice mans road bike, vintage or carbon fiber. Maybe a Morris LCV. You get the idea. No daily drivers, boats, 215, confederate memorabilia, MAGA hats, etc.

Please email, I'll be glad to send my number. I'm not going to call you.

Cheers, Alan

See another seller who won't take the junk in your garage?


  1. Recently, a restored TD sold for $13K... prices are coming down, as everyone who wanted one, has either died, or bought a well restored example. And a TD with the wrong motor? and no gauges? and needing lots of work? unless you're a retired mechanic, this car is WAY too needy... As the saying goes: "It's cheaper to buy a classic, already restored, than to fix it yourself."

    1. Plus the seller looks like they would be a pleasure to deal with...

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I just saw Hagerty's ranking of the bottom 25 collector cars lagging in the collector market. They do a 0 - 100 index with anything above 50 appreciating and anything below 50 lagging. The poor MG TD is at the absolute bottom of their list with a rating of 4.

  2. MAGA - no, it already was. Thanks in advance for the decades of cleanup work me and my children will be doing.

  3. The seller should be offering a MMMGGA hat with the car, "Make My MG Great Again"!

    1. I second that!: )

      -Stan (who is in Buenos Aires right now, making South America great again... :-P)


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