Monday, January 22, 2018

What Is It? 1975 Blakely Bearcat

It isn't often that you stumble onto a 1 of 250 built oddball kit car from the 1970s that didn't use Volkswagen power or make you cringe at first sight. Yeah, we are talking about the Dick Blakely built and Ford 4-banger powered Bearcat. Find this 1975 Blakely Bearcat offered for $12,500 in Arizona City, AZ via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

1975 Bearcat is a sweet Driving car. Its a rear find less then 250 made buy the Blakely company only 18 BearCats made in 1975 and has a cloth top. Ford 4 cylinder with automatic transmission 

12,500.00 OBO

If Interested call Bill

See a stranger looking Lotus 7 kit?


  1. ummm, need an alignment much?

    1. Guessing that wheel reallignment happened when he hit that dead deer going flat out at 35 mph, a few years back...

      Never did steer quite the same after that...

      Stan (the *other* Stan...)

  2. Does a Bearcat fall somewhere between an Otter and Cub? Or a Twink and a Wolf?
    Can anyone chine in on this?

  3. The aliment isn't out the car drives great I know I own it. I don't know who is saying this about my car but it isn't true

  4. If you notice in the picture above the wheels are turned to the right they are not straight ahead that maybe why it look like is maybe out of alignment

    1. Bill, thanks for chiming in! We don't mean to disparage anyone here - we mostly like finding interesting ads and making comments about them for entertainment value. Your car seems like a cool machine, and your explanation about the wheels being turned in the photo is perfectly reasonable. I think most of us have never heard of a Blakely Bearcat, so it's safe to assume we don't know what we're talking about ;-)

  5. By reading the comments above on one know anything about the Bearcat by the way flat out is about 85 MPH not 35 and I have never hit a deer in my life.

  6. the front view it does like the there is some ailment in the alignment...but it could just be the fish-eye distortion effect of the camera lens. Cool car, reasonable price -- two greasy thumbs up!

  7. Kudos to the seller--- he deleted his original posting and reposted with better pictures. Front end is ALIGNED!!!

    Looks like the price may have changed, too:

    Bearcat Low Miles

    -Stan (the *other* Stan)

  8. Whoops. Wrong link!

    Here's the real deal. And the pix look great:


    Best of luck to you, Bill Brincefield. Looks like a lot of fun. : )

    -Stan (who has owned more than a dozen VWs over the years, and currently has 2 kit cars in his garage-- one with an electric motor, and the other with an LT-1)


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