Wednesday, January 10, 2018

V6, 2WD, NICE!: 1989 Toyota Pickup

The classic 80's Toyota Pickup is one of those cars you usually see covered in ladders, lawn equipment, or guerrilla fighters.  It may be slow and ugly, but it is a reliable and rugged workhorse that is the logical choice of vehicle for impromptu militias and lawn car professionals around the globe. Find this 1989 Toyota Pickup offered for $4000 in Liverpool, NY via craigslist.  Tip from kennymac.

From the seller:

Up for sale is my 1989 Toyota Pickup. 240k miles, V6, 2wd, 5 spd. manual transmission, 7 foot bed. Manual windows, locks, and no AC or cruise. This is a barebones truck that runs great and is in fantastic condition for the year. No rust on the body or frame. Solid runner that has been a reliable daily driver. NYS inspection just done on 12/1.

Truck is stock aside from a heavy duty rear bumper, Jeep wheels, and 80's style graphics done by the prior owner. During my ownership I installed a Kenwood bluetooth head unit, MTX 6.5" and Kicker 4" speakers. Four new Hankook winter tires installed this past fall. Truck will also come with 2 additional winter tires with excellent tread.

Clean title. Original window sticker, and records for a pre-purchase inspection that was done in November 2016 at a Toyota dealer prior to me buying the truck. 

$4000 or best reasonable offer. Truck is in storage for the winter but call/email/text and we can arrange a meet. 

#tacoma #hilux #prerunner

See a better set of 80s stripes?


  1. Wow, that is amazing! How does anyone keep a pickup that clean and seemingly-rust-free while covering a quarter of a million miles. You probably could do another quarter million without spending much. Dead-easy to wrench on, too.

    Oh, but to offer a correction to DT, militias ALWAYS buy the jacked-up 4wd version.

  2. V-6 and a 5 speed...the holy grail of Toyota pickups, except 4X4s.


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