Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Tufted Chocolate: 1984 Buick LeSabre

A good rule of thumb is to buy someone else's completed project car.  In nearly all cases, it's far cheaper than paying for a restoration yourself.  Today's car presents the question, is it madness or genius to spend twelve grand building up a sleeper GM B-body? The 84 Buick LeSabre is the cousin of the same year Chevy Caprice. Fifth generation LeSabres don't usually garner the level of unbridled enthusiasm found by our seller.   Find this 1984 Buick LeSabre for sale in Hagertown, MD for $4,488 via craigslist.

The LeSabre shows just over 100,000 miles on the odometer.  The engine has covered 12,000 miles since being rebuilt while 700R4 transmission has only 100 miles on its own rebuild.

Check out those poop brown tufted seats!  Nothing says Brougham like those pillowy chairs and acres of fake wood.

Here are the specs on the rebuild/restoration:

Engine Built by Denny's Auto Machine Inc 2005
Chevy 350 -- 1970 Corvette 4-bolt main block bored .030 over
Chevy 350 -- 1972-76 truck heads
Edelbrock intake and 1406 carburetor
RV Cam
New AC lines to shift sides from BOP to Chevy Engine
New Alternator
New Front Suspension
Upper and Lower control arms (MOOG) with bushings
Inner and outer tie rod ends
Upper and Lower ball joints
Large capacity radiator
New shocks -- Front and Rear
New Springs -- Rear
New Oil Pan and seal
K&N Filter
Exhaust manifolds from 70's Camaro
Dual Exhaust
New Tires
New Trans Mount
New Universal Joints
California Car -- 3rd owner
Rear sway bar included
Replacement Front Quarter Panel to repair dents before paint
Many other parts

Just Passed VEIP smog Test!

Will pass inspection easily or not needed if you go classic!

See another B-body with a RV cammed Chevy 350? email

Cory is working on thinning his inventory of vintage Recaro seats and rare Mercedes W124 parts.


  1. I guess in this case the RV camshaft must be short for retirement vehicle!

  2. In my books, a "sleeper" involves more than just ading power (although that is always the starting point). The only improvement to chassis or driving that I can see is "rear sway bar included" (is it even installed?). Spending $12K and getting only 12K miles out of it, that is serious depreciation.


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