Monday, January 22, 2018

Stallone Italiano: 1971 Fiat 128 Rally

The Fiat 128 (built from 1969-1985 in Italy...and 1980-2001 in Yugoslavia) was the original front-drive modern car [Ed. CFlo: if you don't count the original Mini...] -- it used a transverse front-engine setup that has been copied by billions of cars since, but don't hold that against it because it certainly won't drive like a Camry...because it probably won't start. Don't hold that against it because it'll look great just sitting there. Find this 1971 Fiat 128 Rally offered for $18500 in New Orleans, LA via craigslist.  Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:

FIAT 128 Rally. $18,500 OBO. Recently imported from Italy. This car is a rocket! Originally delivered from the factory with 70hp, this guy has been gone through and prepared for hill climb and short track rally. Some upgrades include:

-130hp 1300cc engine.
-Performance pulls and new cam
-Short shift gear box -trans syncs delete
-HR racing ignition upgrades
-2x Weber 40s recently tuned
-Cromodora Wheels all around with new Continental low pro tires.

Car must be seen!! If you are looking for a rare, dependable, low maintenance racer, this is all you. This car was restored and never raced in 2015, imported 2017 and has a clear Louisiana Title. FIAT is located in New Orleans, LA. Seller will assist in transport cost and coordination.

See a better way to drive Italian?


  1. my sister's best friend bought one of these, BRAND NEW, and it never went more than a week, before breaking down, usually at some inopportune time. yes, it's true: Fix It Again, Tony was apropos for these cute, but unreliable cars.

  2. Time to play a game: can you lose your license before this thing breaks down?
    I'd like to try.


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