Sunday, January 7, 2018

Roadkill: 1988 Mitsubishi Delica

Welcome to Roadkill, an infrequent feature here at DT where we post cars seen for sale by the side of the road by readers and staff.  Just be sure to include contact info for the seller if  you submit some roadkill.  Our victim subject today is a 1988 Mitsubishi Delica I saw for sale in the parking lot at Summit West when I was up snowboarding yesterday for an un-advertised price.

This Delica is a third generation mid-engined 4x4 that was sold from 1986 - 1994 (with a subsequent run in China from 1994 - 2013).  Apparently a few were sold in the U.S., but most were sold overseas as they are primarily right hand drive.  This one is RHD and has an Express badge on the front so it could be an Australian market car as their version of the Delica was marketed as the Express.  I'm not versed well enough to know if this is the case or someone liked the badge and applied it later.  Since this is a 1988, it's well past the 25 year import rule, so no worries about Homeland InSecurity showing up with a crusher.

Seems like a nice ski vehicle here in Washington State as the State Patrol will wave you by when they set up the chain checkpoints on the passes as 4wd gets you thru without having to chain up.

Contact information of the seller as of 1/6/2018.  If you are reading this on the holodeck of your star ship in the 23rd century, please do not call the seller. 

See another piece of roadkill?  Take a few pics and send it here:

Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent and snowboarder.


  1. Anyone who's ever seen Kitano "Beat" Takeshi's film Hana-Bi would want this just to reenact the snowy murders of a bunch of Yakuza across Hokkaido. Or just to take one's wife on a lovely vacation while running from the police. Either actually.

  2. great little "swamp buggy" as a friend called mine
    RHD issues are getting the wiper and turn switch figured out
    on a manual, you have to retrain your hand as it is the SAME pattern as sitting LHD but hard to remember that 1st is AWAY from you
    on this one... I had one here in canada... timing belt needs to be done, heads /gasket known failure point, block heater mandatory esp if glow plugs original... peppy not going to win any races... fun to offroad as RIGHT over the axle (harsh ride at times)... short wheelbase... best on has a poptop and you can camp... success to whomever buys this... make sure to have a parts supplier as not going to find consummables at pep boys/ canadian tire! (brakes, filters, etc.)

    1. @parallax_ca, thanks for sharing real-world experience. I have seen a couple of these around Ottawa. They look like a well thought-out package.


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