Wednesday, January 24, 2018

No Joyrides: 1973 Triumph Stag

This next car comes as a tip from Zach Z who writes: "NO JOYRIDES in a British car most people have no idea exists. So don’t get any ideas." No joyrides? Should I tell the seller that every time I ride in a new car I am extremely joyful? Even the most terrible hooptie puts a smile on my face if it is a new take that Mr. NO JOYRIDES, if that's even your real name.  Anyway, find this 1973 Triumph Stag offered for $4399 in Harrison, AR via craigslist.

From the seller:

Ive got too many resto projects going and my wife wants a spot in the car port. Offering a rare 1973 Triumph Stag with professionally installed TR6 drivetrain. Have over 7.5k in this started resto and I'm looking to complete my other 82 Lancia. New master brake cylinder, new rear brake cylinders (stops great), new batt, new starter, new rack/pinion boots, new points/rotor/wires, with new British bought carpet and visors still in the box. has the original (no tears) vinyl interior with retractable hard top and soft top. I've also had the fuel system lined out (new fuel pump/filters) rebuilt the carbs, the car is running but the dual carb set up will need balanced and sync'd...not a big deal. Body is pretty straight, very few door dents, the paint decent and only has a few small paint bubbles on the passenger's rear quarter seam. The electrics have been gone thru but still needs a new tach and water gage (they're on Ebay all the time). Not sure about the mileage, but the vehicle's condition indicates its probably close...
Low ballers or joy riders need not call, I'm not hard up for the money and if I don't sell Ill finish it next summer and take my chances with my wife ;)..
Title in hand, cash talks......

With the TR6 swap, this is one of those rare cases where an engine has been downgraded from a V8 to an inline six. Sure, the 3.0L Stag V8 wasn't known to be the best... and the 2.5L six is pretty robust...but really?

See a better way to throw a stag party?


  1. What an evening of Guinness-fueled debauchery it must have been when this swap was dreamed up! The shiny Stag (possibly with a rod through the block) on one side, and a rusted out TR-6 on the other. The engine hoist sits between the two. Things get hazy.... Our heroes wake up the next morning, surrounded by empty beer cans (with the widgets still rattling around in them)...rubbing their eyes, trying to focus. "Dude, what the f*$% did we do!?!".

  2. We need a like button for comments like this one!

  3. Hardtop described as 'retractable." I'd love to see that thing fit in the boot.
    Tough way to sell a convertible--pictured only with a solid top in place.
    "Cash talks"--I bet this can be had close to $3000.
    Tempting to buy on a lark, but too far away.

  4. Ah, this is right down the road from me, but I already have a garage & yard full of [hopeless] 'projects', and the world's most understanding wife... and HOA.

  5. Lost me at "professionally installed TR6 drivetrain"
    I recall that eventually the V8 engine problems were sorted out, and it is easy to keep them running with the choice of correct oil and coolant being a big deal.

  6. Professionally installed means you paid someone to do the job. Doesn’t mean it’s done well.

    That being said the conversion is a common one. Have read that the Stag was designed for it.

    The V8 in the stag sounds great. I also like the sound of the six. Think it is a great looking car. Except for originality or a poorly done conversion I would prefer this to a stock one.


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