Thursday, January 18, 2018

Gas To Oil Burner: 1998 VW GTI TDI

Turbo diesel engines large fan base out there love their ability to rack up miles and produce stump pulling amounts of torque. VW and Mercedes were the only two brands who offered passenger cars with diesel engines back in 1998. Today's GTI has had the venerable 2 point slow engine swapped for the same year TDI power plant.  It would seem to be an unusual move for all but a die hard diesel fan, but when you dig into the numbers further it makes more sense. The stock 2.0 8-valve gasser was good for 115 hp and 120 lb-ft of torque, while the TDI engine made 90 and 150.  This TDI engine has a Malone stage 1 tune that takes things up to 110 hp and 188 lb-ft so this should be a good bit quicker than stock due to that mountain of torque.  Find this 1998 VW GTI for sale in New Fairfield, CT for $5,500 via craigslist.

This 1998 Driver's Edition GTI received a full TDI swap from a 1998 Jetta.  The seller states the entire engine wiring harness was used from the donor car so the car passes emissions and has a fully functioning OBD2 port.  There is 156,000 miles on the body.

The seller provides these other details:

New front tires, wheel bearings, motor mounts, tie rods, recent water pump, all new belts glow plugs.  Stainless braided brake lines, abs delete, Nuespeed sway bars front, rear front strut brace, rear floor brace, exhaust, and Malone stage 1 chip.  Has euro upper glove box black pillar panels and Polo steering wheel.  Hella dual round headlights and smoked Hella tails.  Mk2 Recaro seats wrapped in suede and leather.  Will consider trades

The slick looking Recaro seats are worth about a grand and are worth every penny.

See a another gas to diesel engine swap? email

Cory is working on thinning his inventory of vintage Recaro seats and rare Mercedes W124 parts.


  1. seems it would have been easier just to buy another VW with the diesel...

  2. Well, there should be about a million of these drive trains available at the moment, so the market must be depressed. But yeah, you have to really WANT a diesel to go to all this trouble. What's that smell.....?

    1. What's that smell? Some triggered, perpetually aggrieved dude "rollin coal" to own something or other. I guess.

  3. Ok,but can it do this...Hold my Weihenstephan Hefe Weissbier, watch this
    [image src="" width="400px"/]
    Klassy Wrabbit

  4. You can get GTD's in Europe.


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