Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Dune Buggy: 1964 Deserter GT

Are you searching for a car that'll be just as home on the sand dunes of Pismo Beach as the streets of Hollywood?  Then this is your ride.  Find this 1964 Deserter GT offered for $7000 in Santa Barbara, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:
This street legal 1964 Volkswagen dune buggy is the Deserter GT style (only 410 made), and has it's Autodynamics decal. It is the classic Deserter orange color, but doesn't look like it's the original paint(can see red in some areas). The odometer only has 4 digits, so the reading is 8477, but I'm not going to guess at what that truly is. In the time it's been in my care it's been driven short distances (less than 4 miles) a few times a month. Car frame and body are from 1964, but the engine, and lights have been converted to a 12V system (1972 I believe). Have driven at speed up to 60mph, but haven't pushed it further.

I've owned it since 2013, and in those 5 years have replaced the following(fairly in order):
-fiberglass seats
-seat covers
-new battery
-flexible fuel line
-spark plugs
-gas pump
-new shocks
-gas pedal
-gas line
-break fluid resevoir
-break master cylinder
-shifter (purchased, but not installed)
-windshield (purchased, but not installed)

Please look at all photos carefully. There are some cracks in the fiberglass.

Looking to get $7000 for it, but will consider other reasonable offers.

See a better orange car?


  1. Wow, that has to go down as one of the worst marketing names in history....

  2. ... but I like the car. Better looking than a Meyers in some ways. Those rear seat belts are hilarious. At best, they save you having to go looking for the victims' bodies after the accident.

  3. This is what the JC Whitney catalog was made for, finishing cheesy kit cars.

  4. The Deserter GT is probably the best of the non Manx "dune buggies" . They made an mid engine autocross spec version that I would love to get my hands on.

    There is one in Brooklyn that i see occasionly.

    Info here

  5. Hi, I'm Bowe Bergdahl, and a lot of people ask me, "Bowe, what's a good car for roaming around the hills of Afghanistan?"................

  6. Much like the Coyote.


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