Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Dah Car, Can Rally: 2003 Nissan 350Z

I'm a big fan of Nissan's 350Z offering (launch in 2002) because it reversed some of the mass and complexity of 300ZX and returned the car to its original roots -- handling and affordability.  But...I've got to admit that I've always been a tad disappointed that Nissan never released a lifted Dakar Rally ready version of the Z, because that would have been awesome. Find this 2003 Nissan 350Z offered for $10,000 located in San Luis Obispo, CA. Tip from Sean S.

From the seller:
 For sale:
Custom lifted off-road 2003 Nissan 350z - 10k OBO

Selling my custom lifted off-road 350z. I've owned this car for about 4.5 years now and it's never let me down. Runs amazing and is really one of a kind. 

***** I still own all stock components (air intake, oem steering wheel with cruise control, oem suspension, extra set of coil packs, headlights, radio). Still own the side skirts too so it will come with those! ******

Parts replaced within the last 15,000 miles:

- New steering rack - 1k ago
- Shocks/springs, wheels/tires- 1k ago
- Wheels hubs F and R with upgraded studs- 10k 
- Rear cv axles- 300 miles
- Oil and Diff fluid changed - 200 miles 
- U-joints/end links - 100 miles 
- camber arms F/R - 12k 
- Radiator/water pump - 15k ago
- Window regulator motors - 7k ago
- inked air filter with water screen - 5k ago 
- momentum performance exhaust and motordyne y pipe - 12k ago 
- replaced all bushings in front/rear suspension components 

Also I changed spark plugs, coil packs, both TPS sensors and installed the new headlights around 115k. All belts where replaced at 105k

Exterior mods:
- Custom made roof basket on Yakima roof rack with 42in curved led bar
- Custom blue paint job 
- Rocket bunny style spoiler from Europe
- 15x10 -38/-46 with 275/65 Yokohama geolander A/T tires 95%
- aftermarket headlights
- street faction bash bar
- rhino lined undersides 
- aftermarket skid plate 
- aftermarket a-arms upper/lower/fowards, rear camber arms
- Custom built lift kit/Eibach springs 
- momentum performance single exit exhaust with motordyne y pipe
- Injen cold air Intake 

Interior mods:
- black bride bucket seats
- crow red 4 point harness seat belts
- aftermarket steering wheel with quick release
- rear red harness strut bar
- custom made LED gauge cluster
- all blue led interior lights
- Momo shifter 
- dvd/touch screen radio
- 12 inch Skarr audio sub

Only con is when at full turn the tires rub the inner fender 

Other than that the car has no problems and I daily drive it. Like I said I love this car and it turns heads everywhere; I just am looking for something different. 

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  1. Not my thing, but definitely cool/different. Doesn't seem like there's enough fender-to-tire clearance to me, but I bet it's a hoot to drive.

  2. I would SOOOO repaint that in the same livery as used on the BRE Baja Z.

    1. Plus Juan to that idea! Needs moar giant driving lights in the nose.

  3. I can think of quite a few bendy gravel roads here in Iowa were I could sling this thing.

  4. I wonder if one could take this to a race events where there is autoX and rally and do both with a quick tire change? sure would be fun.

  5. I have yet to determine if automatic transmissions in sports cars are the cause or a symptom of the problem besmirching America, but I was very disappointed when I clicked on the interior photo.

    Fun idea though, I've thought about doing a long travel suspension thing to a lot of cars I've owned. The problem is I've got ready access to many miles of pavement and maybe only a couple in gravel.

  6. I want to retract this submission. I did not even notice it was an autotragic.

  7. This car looks really good, I mean really muscular and sturdy. This seems to be very good bang for your bucks with these specifications. Thanks for sharing.



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