Monday, January 29, 2018

Bustle-Back Scout: 1980 Cadillac Seville 4x4

The controversial 1981-85 Cadillac Seville was one of legendary GM designer Bill Mitchell's last designs.  The bustle-back rear styling made waves when introduced, but it was the truly horrendous lineup of engines that did the car in. This generation of Seville had three of the most horrendous and half baked engines ever to come out of General Motors: the 350 converted diesel, the displacement on demand V8-6-4, and 4.1 4100 V8.  Today's Caddy goes in an all together different direction by putting the bustle-back body onto a International Scout 4x4 frame and drivetrain. Find this 1980 Cadillac Seville for sale in Lancaster, PA for $1,500 via craigslist.

The seller provides these details about the 4x4:

1980 Cadillac Seville body on a 1976 International Scout frame and drivetrain.

Runs, drives, and stops fairly well.

-V8 (345ci I believe)
-Auto trans
-33" tires with decent tread
-Fake animal fur headliner and rear deck lid 

It is a relief no animals were harmed in making this headliner and rear parcel shelf!

The good points are noted:

-Frame is undercoated and in good shape
-Fuel lines have been replaced from the tank to the engine
-Fuel tank was drained and coated on the inside
-carb gaskets were replaced recently
-new radiator
-brake pads, shoes, and hardware are all new
-new battery
-clean title, registered as a 1980 Cadillac
-have receipts for a transmission replacement, along with several other repairs

The bad points are noted as:

-Stumbles or stalls on occasion when starting from a stop. This is because the accelerator pump linkage is disconnected, because the plunger was getting stuck in the carburetor. Could be an easy fix, or you could replace the carb
-Not inspected, but I have a list of what it needs to pass enhanced inspection. You could then get a custom/rebuilt title if desired
-Main issue for inspection is around the front leaf spring mounts. The mechanic said they need some welding and reinforcing where they are mounted to the frame. Shouldn't be a big deal for someone who knows how to weld.
-Steering is a little sloppy as is the usual with vehicles from this era. Suspension and steering components are tight.

See a more interesting car body on a 4x4 chassis? email

Cory is working on sourcing shift rods and a shifter on German Ebay  for his C36 5 speed swap.


  1. Umm, so let me get this straight: the "frame is undercoated and in good shape", but the structural cross-member where the springs attach has a hole that your could put your fist in, and the rest of the cross-member shows obvious signs of previous welding. I think I would want to make an independent assessment of this gem before purchase.... Love the headliner though!

  2. Hey dad, sister's prom date just showed up. He looks kinda old but his car is totally bitchin'!


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