Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Two Tone: 1967 Saab 95 Wagon

The Saab 95 (not to be confused with the much later Saab 9-5) was a two door station wagon that combined Saab's penchant for funkiness with a 7 passenger layout. Of course, you couldn't get it with a normal engine; the only options were a 2-stroke 3-cylinder or a V4. This car comes with the latter. Find this 1967 Saab 95 offered for $7300 in Highlands Ranch, CA via Craigslist.  Tip from Zach.

From the seller:

I bought this darling classic restored Saab 95 five years ago, and it has been a part time commuter car for our family, at 30 mpg.
We love this little Baby, but have no use for the extra vehicle now. Time to find her a good home.

This is a rare model Saab in great working condition for classic car enthusiast out there. This car drives great and looks awesome - she turns heads and sparks conversation wherever she goes. The interior has been completely redone, and the drivetrain has been repaired/upgraded as needed. The best Saab mechanic in Denver has babied our Baby with new clutch, brakes, water pump, alternator, all season tires, windshield wipers, seatbelt, alternator, spark plugs, and shocks. There are no electric parts on this vehicle and lives in the garage when she's not out and about. We have have been diligent about regular oil changes and she runs on regular unleaded gas. Seats are incredibly comfortable with 2 in front, 3 in the second seat and has a rear facing pop up seat in the back. I. Super cool, fuel efficient and reliable transportation. Besides that, this car like to DRIVE! I have passed new model cars going up to the mountains and with snow tires, will be the best snowmobile you ever had this side of Sweden.

We have an extensive history of the car that we can provide if interested. Please contact me with any other questions or if you would like to come check her out. 

Color: Aqua Marine blue/black. Manual mileage was listed at 35k when we bought her, and is likely in the 40k range now. 
The odometer doesn't count that high.
Eligible for a 5 year registration sticker as a classic car.
These rare model Saabs sell for as much as $35k at auction in pristine condition.

Asking $7,300 or best offer.

See a better way to start collecting old SAAAAAAAABs?


  1. Looks clean
    Speaking of Saabs, here is a $300 one
    2000 Saab Wagon

  2. Colorado plates but for sale in California... if it's not a life long Cali car, there will be RUST


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