Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Seller Submission: 1988 Ford F150

You know what is a good deal?  A running/driving plus sized extended cab pickup truck that can purchased for less than a cost of a new iPhone X.  From the seller, Art: I have a spare truck I'm selling, perfect for someone who needs a winter beater!! Throw some shqows on the back, 300lbs of sand in the bed and drive sideways!!!  Enthusiast worked on it, dead reliable just needs a few parts to run perfect (<$100).  Find this 1988 Ford F150 offered for $900 near Tiverton, RI via craigslist.

 More from the seller:

Selling my truck. Bought a bigger boat and newer truck, begrudgingly this one has to go. 

Super cab
4 speed auto
5.0 v8

Solid frame, rust in body. Not horrible, not good. It's a $900 truck, it's not gonna be pretty.

When I bought it it ran like shit. I replaced the following and it runs good. No pinging, burning oil or leaks. Starts right up every time. Towed a 2,000 lb boat no problem. (I have said boat available, no title)

Fuel filter
Idle air control valve
Air cleaner
Front brake pads

OBD1, still throwing codes 63,84. Throttle position sensor and exhaust gas recirculation valve. Both inexpensive parts. Causes a hesitation, especially when cold. Egr valve $50, TPS $20...


Sold as is, no implied or actual warranty.

See a better way to rule the winter roads? tips@dailyturismo.com

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