Sunday, December 31, 2017

Row Your Own Brick: 1994 940 Turbo Wagon 5 speed

A good number of car enthusiasts would consider a brown turbo Volvo 5 speed wagon to be a dream daily driver.  The 940's were the last of the durable rear wheel drive Volvos.  Their 162 hp B230FT red block four cylinder engines respond like a duck to water to upping up the boost pressure.   The Volvo 940 was an evolution 740 series, but was never offered with a manual transmission in the USA.  Today's seller righted that wrong and fitted this 940 with a proper manual transmission from Europe along with a host of other go fast mods.  Find this 1994 Volvo 940 turbo wagon for sale in Bel Air, MD for $5,000 via craigslist.

It appears the engine and transmission may have been removed at the same time.  The seller notes 216,000 miles on the body and only 150,000 on the engine.  The details are as follows on the car:

Kicking around selling my 940. Want to find another V70R or drive the SR I have. 214k on body. California car no undercoating or rust. Paint is in nice shape. tan power leather interior. Overall interior in good shape. B230ft with around 150k on it. Timing belt/seals/hoses/belts replaced/distributor/tune up stuff done. European m90l2 conversion 5 speed manual. Performance clutch, and euro aftermarket pilot bearing crank insert. These cars WERE NOT made with manual transmissions over here. Very rare. Rebuild 850 turbo. Full 3" exhaust with 2 mangaflow mufflers. Ipd turbo cam, aftermarket euro intercooler, larger injectors, tuned ecu, cold air intake. Complete poly bushing suspension, ipd lowering springs, swaybars, and braces. Bilstein hd struts and shocks. Turbo wheels with great tires. Curt hitch. Very nice running and driving car. No problems.

The cons noted are splits in the front seat fabric and a non functioning air conditioning system.  It is noted that the AC wiring and evaporator are still present should you want to try to revive the system.  The window tint, racing graphics in the side windows, and 16" hydra wheels all look the business here.   I am not sure how big of an upgrade the later 850 turbo unit is, but with the cam and free flowing exhaust this should be able to melt some rubber at will.

See a better stick shift rwd wagon? email

Cory is trying to think of a reason to not respond to this listing....


  1. Please help me. This is the one I've always wanted but now isn't the time. Sigh.

  2. "uppin up'... My new newest favorite word pairing...

  3. ~ Sigh. A day late and $5000 short. Perfect automobile to carry me forward into 2018. <3

  4. I've been looking for a non sulev E46 5 speed wagon for a while . TTG this is on the wrong coast cause I'd have to go and look at it and probably buy it!

  5. My brother lives about 20 minutes from Bel Air and I’m visiting him in 5 days...

    1. Go for it, Doctordel. Be sure to share the experience with us!

  6. Wow, the M90... this is MUCH BETTER than the typical M46/M47 conversions you see on these cars. If I didn't already have 6 cars in a 3 car garage and a VERY UNDERSTANDING not to mention beautiful and amazing wife (you reading this, honey?) I'd be all over this one.

  7. Also ref: how much of an upgrade the 850 turbo is over the T25 or TD04h13c that came on these cars... it depends on which turbo he's talking about. They range from "not much" of an upgrade (TD04 13g) to "just right for a decently built B230FT" (15g).


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