Tuesday, December 5, 2017

It's Medicinal...Man: 1987 BMW 535is

We all know that guy (or gal) who is obsessed with BMWs. He is always talking about one, buying one, selling one or even trying to build his own.  It becomes an all consuming passion and he (or she) has probably lost a few jobs over one.  You could call him (or her) an addict...but I think that would be to trivialize the plight of people with real chemical addiction problems.  But I'd suggest a good round of Bimmers Anonymous for this next guy.  Find this 1987 BMW 535is offered for $2000 in Rosamond, CA via craigslist. Tip from Sean S.

From the seller:

Hello again, Craigslist.

First thing, I will be happy to take pictures on request to supplement the ones found here. Yes, I plan on cleaning it off and taking some better ones... one step at a time, though.

After years of refusal to do so, I am parting ways with my 1987 E28 535iS.
The car is Zinnoberrot and I couldn't tell you the mileage due to the odometer not working when I got it.
I started with the plan to RB20 swap the car and later changed course to put an E36 M50B25 24 valve motor and trans in it.
The M50 (included with trans, harness, and mounts) is currently mounted in the car slightly crooked due to the E30 brake booster being too large and not clearing the intake manifold. Chase Bays sells a brake booster eliminator (that I have, but is not included in the price of the car) that will remedy this issue. The swap has a COMPLETELY UNCUT harness from the E36 it came from, complete with DME (ECU).
I painted ALL of the window trim black.
I have multiple crates of extra parts that will be included. Some of the parts i know of without taking a full inventory are:
Engine harnesses
Ignition coils
M30 ECU(s)
MANY MANY MORE. Its a TON of stuff.

I have a near complete RB20det that i will include with the car, if you want it.
I believe it needs an oil pan and valve cover.

I LOVE this car and I'm devastated having to "be an adult" and get rid of it, but it's time to move on.

The car is NOT driveable and will need to be moved via trailer or tow.

I will happily entertain trade offers for E90 N54 parts, driveable cars, hi-fi stereo equipment, motorcycles, and other things people generally accept as "fun" or "cool", don't hesitate to offer up but I will take cash offers over everything.

I also have a Haltech Platinum 2000 Standalone with IQ3 digital dash available for substantial additional cost ($4000) but is new in box with wideband controller and non-terminated harness. (I had big plans for this car)

The wheels on the car are my favorite part and are Jongbloed 3-piece Aero 22 with brushed lip and gold face 15" (also included with the car). I spoke directly to Jongbloed and they will sell 16" barrels and rebuild kits if you would like them bigger. They will also walk you through the rebuild process for the uninitiated.

You can reach me by text most hours of the day or night at three zero three 9 nine 9 eight 2 4 zero
My name is Peder.

Thank you for looking!

See a cheaper way to get a smokin E28? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Hunter, Bimmers Anonymous member #17December 5, 2017 at 7:10 AM

    Is this what I look like to other people? I need to GTFO of Bimmers and into something else (Beemers, perhaps?). I'm really glad that car is clear on the far end of the country, because that's the kind of thing I'd buy without really having any plans for it. Between the wheels, the engine, and what is likely a not-so-rusty California chassis, there's some value there.

    Side note: I know a much easier way to get a smokin E28 that attracts a lot less LEO attention (in most states), just get one with a diesel.

  2. I like this so much that it's a good thing it's on the wrong coast. Those wheels are pretty sweet.

  3. This is not a BMW addiction. This link is an addiction!

    BMW Addict

    Be careful out there guys!

    1. Holy cow, that article. Thanks for linking.

    2. Whoa. I don't think my marriage would survive even the cars his wife knew about.

  4. Follow up. While I have never taken on a project this big, it looks doable, esp for the $2k entry. I too am glad this is on the the wrong coast. Or maybe that's a good thing. Is the tape on the windshield " $ " a hint of what is going to fly out of the bank account faster than it goes in?

  5. Its a bong! Just hope he seller's last name is not Ast.

  6. Wow, I paid $3500 for the clone of this car a year or two ago in way, way, way better condition, and sold it for $1500 after a front end collision that totaled it.

    Of course, an e28 sold a day or two ago for a ridiculous $50k on Bring a Trustfund, so as usual, I was probably painfully ahead of the market.


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