Wednesday, December 27, 2017

DTM5 on BaT Auction

DT E-i-C Vince: Well...that's a first!!  The DTM5 didn't find any buyers over here, so CFlo submitted the 1993 BMW M5 for sale on where it is currently bidding for $6,911 with 7 days to go.  I've personally driven/ridden in this car many times and can attest to the sheer brutality of its flagrant and unabridged awesomeness. 

The DTM5 fits well with the other eye candy over at BaT and I am constantly amazed at the sheer volume of high dollar classics that cross the electronic auction block each day.  Sure, the BaT has gone from featuring cars that needed a trailer because they were heaps to needing a trailer because you wouldn't want to roll that 2nd odometer digit over...but you can't argue with the breadth and width of the audience and their ability to move cars.  Surf over and buy yourself a nice M5!


  1. Derp. I forgot to add the link when I first published this. FIXED IT!!

  2. Should create some good cross pollination between the two sites.
    I expect to start hearing some critiques from people with screen names like
    and TrstFndKid
    I would love to hear how the $2,000 Maverick has the wrong stitching on the shift boot or the inncorrect oil cap on a BMW 2002.

    All joking aside, it is a good place to sell a car. I have sold there before.

  3. Some sites featured cars for classic car owners .....some sites feature cars for classic car drivers.

  4. Jesus, only 220 pics??

    Best of luck, brother.

  5. I'm a lurk-at-DT, sell-at-BaT, guy myself.

    1. Powershouse -- that is a great way to describe a large chunk of our audience...methinks!

  6. That certainly looks like an awesome ride! I lurk on all the car sites and BaT seems to have sold their souls for the money now though. It should be renamed eBaT. GLWA, I hope you get all the money, wish I could afford to buy it now!

  7. Just watched the video, really well done. The price is creeping on up, looks promising.

  8. I think it's already bidding above the initial DT asking price. Turned out to be smart move. Nice work!

  9. It's been fun going through the auction process as a seller. Not sure where it will end up but at this point it's ready for a new owner, and I'm ready to focus more on Volvo 240s! Glad you guys are enjoying it. Hopefully the winning bidder is at least someone familiar with DT, if not a regular.

  10. Congratulations on selling it and someone got a stellar deal. Buyer is stoked.
    If I had the money I would have payed 15k for it. I am a little bit shocked it didn't go much higher.
    “We can't stop here, this is BaT country!”

    1. Thanks man! I'm happy with the result. Could've gone higher, sure, but it's fair I think. This is never going to be one of those low-mile megaperfect garage queens that bring insane dollars, but then again if it were, I'd never have gotten the chance to own it for a few years. Happy new owner is in Atlanta. I'll see if we can arrange a follow-up post once it's in his hands.

    2. For the record (mostly for me looking at this in 10 years), the M5 sold for $13,750.

  11. As the happy new owner of the DTM5, I can say without a doubt that it's been an absolute pleasure dealing with CFlo on the purchase of the car. Hope to have a transport pick it up and tote it to Atlanta this week (fingers crossed). It's pretty much exactly what I like in a car - high quotient fun factor, very nice condition, but not so nice as to being afraid to drive it or put miles on it. From the 200+ pictures to my correspondence with CFlo, it looks ready to be driven, but he left me a few little things I can do to make it my own! Question for the gallery - I'm not sure about the wheels. I'm partial to the Alpina Softlines on an e34, but I already have a staggered set of 17" Style 32s. So, keep the ACS, look for Alpinas, or use what I got?



    1. Scott,
      As someone who has personally ridden and driven the DTM5 many times, I can say for certain you will be happy with the beast. I just hope you've got some other cars to drive when the few inches of snow hit Atlanta each winter because that thing is CLEAN!!! Keep in touch, send us some pics when it arrives and we'll post up a story or two.
      -Vince, DT Editor-in-Chief

  12. Scott, great purchase. Can't say I'm not jealous.
    As far as wheels IMO the AC Schnitzers are really good looking. I feel style 32s would be like a regular e34 upgrade but not aggressive enough for your M5. Alpinas would be fantastic however so expensive.
    Please keep the DT community updated on your progress.


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