Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Drive Classy: 1980 BMW 528 E12

Picture this: You are cruising down the road in some kind of bland econorollabox that you picked up at a local used car lot from a sweaty guy named Sal, when out of nowhere you are blinded by majestic burst of resplendent silver.  Bright.  So Bright. Fireflies dance before your eyes and a striking centaur with a shimmering golden mane winks in your general direction before boarding the Millennium Falcon and heading off into hyperspace. Gradually, your vision returns to normal you see it...yes...it is a BMW 5-series and it probably costs less than your crapbox.  Time to upgrade your daily driver.  Find this 1980 BMW 528 E12 bidding for $3,051 reserve-not-met here on eBay with 1 day to go, located in San Bernardino, CA.

 From the seller:

Up for sale is this original 100% rust free California 1980 BMW 528 Sedan with 111,246 miles 
The 2.8 liter, inline 6 cylinder engine starts right up and runs extremely well.
The engine compartment is very clean without any excessive residues.
The idle is smooth. The 528 does not leak, smoke, overheat or make any unusual noises. The entire drive train is solid and tight.
The transmission shifts properly into all gears.
Clutch operates properly/smooth
The brakes,  steering and suspension are in good working order. 
The climate control-air conditioning will need service
Right rear window will need service, all others go up and down as they should
Power sunroof opens/closes properly
Gas gauge/wipers will need attention as they work intermittently 

Cosmetically the car is very attractive! The paint finish is largely original and still has a nice shine with a lovely patina.  The body and chassis are completely rust free, no rust, repairs, blisters, or bubbles.  There are minor dings, dents, chips, scratches, scrapes, hazing, fading (mostly on the trunk area), touch ups and nicks......

The overall appearance of this BMW 528 gets high marks for it's originality.
-All 4 tires show decent tread on them, we are not sure of the age and recommend replacement
-Alpina style factory wheels are in great shape! 
-Nice chrome, trim, stainless, moldings, and bumpers.

The undercarriage is dry/solid 

The interior is completely original and looks great!

-Nice seating surfaces. headliner, door panels, dashboard(minor cracks) and carpet are in good condition

This is the true ultimate driving machine that could serve the new owner very well for years to come, they just don't make them like this anymore.

Please feel free to contact us for any further details to best describe the car.

Due to the excessive registration fees currently due here in California this vehicle  will only be available to out of state or country buyers. California bidders will be cancelled
Out of state or country buyers only pay for the price of the vehicle with no other fees. 

See another blue plate special? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. somebody buy this for RADWOOD 3!! I'm still on a contact high from all the cassette tapes and fanny packs.

    1. Rod - I saw your MR2 in Anaheim - it looked great! I don't know what you look like however so didn't say hi in person. I mean, I could've walked around asking everyone "Are you Rod with the MR2?" but then I'd seem like even more of a dweeb than I actually am.

    2. I am so bummed I missed Radwood, already planning for next year.
      Found some sweet wheels to put on the e34 for the show.

  2. @CFlo Thanks!! I thought about standing with the car for a little bit like an import model. But I am rather unattractive.


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