Monday, December 18, 2017

????: 1992 Detomaso Scorpion Jasper 424 V8

The Detomaso Scorpion is not actually a real thing.  But the seller of this car calls it "European" style and the crude letters on the back call it a Detomaso Scorpion Jasper 424 V8...but I'm not sure if ANY of those words are even remotely accurate....because as best as I can tell, this is a Pontiac Fiero. Find this 1992 Detomaso Scorpion Jasper 424 V8 offered for $11,000 near Miami, FL via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:
European style, mid-engine Scorpion design.
Powered by GM V8.
Top quality fiberglass construction.
Bilstein high performance suspension.
Custom paint is PPG "Black Cherry".
5 speed manual tranny.
16" tires up front - 17" in rear.

Do not need help selling!

See another car where the seller doesn't need help selling?


  1. additional info here -,45,101912,Scorpion-DeTomaso----20000--Port-Saint-Lucie-.htm


    This vehicle is a 1992 hand crafted autombile with only 14K miles. It is in excellent
    condition. Power is supplied by a V8 Chevrolet engine built by Jasper Engines and is
    connected to a five speed transaxle. The chassis is a General Motors mid-engine two
    seat body. The DeTomaso styled Scorpion body is constructed of fiberglass. The high
    performance suspension was installed along with front and rear urethane control arm
    bushings. Bilstein 1.0 inch anti-sway bar on the front and 7/8 inch in the rear.

    High performance brake pads provided for stopping power on both front and rear. The
    system has disc brakes on all four wheels with high performance pads. The engine was
    built by Jasper Engines who has been associated with NASCAR for years. They rate the
    engine at 350 HP at 5500 rpm.

    The engine is fitted with Dart Torquer heads having 2.02" intake and 1.60" Stellite
    exhaust valves and Blue Racer Class 2 camshaft providing duration of 292 degrees on
    both intake and exhaust.

    Paint is PPG's Black Cherry.

    The wheels are manfactured by Motor Sport Lts. The front wheels are 8"x16" and the rear
    are 10"x17" This car has been well maintained and driven very little. It was featured
    in two nationally published car magazines.

    I am asking $20,000 and buyer must arrange shipment if out of area.

    Clean and clear Florida title.

  2. Somebody snagged a volume discount on stick-on chrome lettering, which seems at complete odds with the likely expense in time and money that was required to create this unique little beast.

    1. Yeah, and the lack of pictures leads one to suspect that the owner took the same approach with the interior.

    2. If there were photos of the interior the fiero jig would be up!

  3. Celica taillights?

    For 10K if the driveline isn't junk/missing (no pics..?) that would be a great mystery mobile for stumping the local Cars & Coffee experts (minus snazzy chrome lettering).

  4. The seller must be allergic to the word Fiero. I can't otherwise explain why someone would say "the chassis is a General Motors mid-engine two seat body" when the single word, Fiero, would convey the exact same information.

  5. [image src="" width="400px"/]

  6. Another ad from 2009 same color, better badges and different wheels?


    If it's the same care the badge change is curious.

    1. Nice detective work. Could be the same car, but also sounds like several of them were made, if you believe the description.

      This one doesn't look half bad...

      [image src=""/]

    2. It really doesn't look bad at all with proper badges.

  7. Scorpion was the kit car body kit made for the Fiero. "The engine was
    built by Jasper Engines who has been associated with NASCAR for years." NASCAR uses remanufactured engines? That would be their basic performance engine that sells for $2K up to $2.4K.


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