Monday, November 13, 2017

What Am I? Junk!

It is Monday morning, and time to solve the weekly What Am I? puzzle, and today we've got another piece of junk that you need to identify.

What Am I? Comments below.


  1. It's just not registering, but I'll admit that in my condition I tend to err on this stuff and in fact my ID skills blow so much I have no idea whether I'm hot or cold.
    Sorry, It's Monday and I had to vent.

  2. C4 Corvette dashboard vents, I think.

    1. Mr Anonymous -- you are indeed...CORRECT! C4theWin! You should pick a C4Vented when posting -- no need to log in, just use the Name/URL function and put in a name, no URL needed.

      DT Editor-and-Chef (I love brussel sprouts cooked in bacon drippings).

  3. Can't find the specific victim (or the angle makes the grey look beige), but methinks Anonymous has the passenger vents nailed.

  4. A GE window air conditioner.

  5. Seeing something easier finally is truly a breath of fresh air.


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