Thursday, November 9, 2017

Thursday Twister: Buy A Car

For this week's Thursday Twister, I'd like to ask for your opinion on a subject.  What is the best way to find a good deal on a used car that ISN'T via the internet.  If you can't use craigslist or eBay -- how do you find a used car?

Aside from driving around your neighborhood and looking at for sale signs, how do you find the good stuff?


  1. Ask people at church if they know anyone who isn't able to drive anymore who has a car that they'd like to sell. Same thing at the independent living center that your parents now live in. A member of our small group just got a super low mileage Solara hardtop with no miles on it for $2K. Blandmobile supreme, but he's laughing driving it to work everyday for cheap.

  2. Tell me more about this 'life' off the internet.

  3. In Maine/New Hampshire, there's this glorious weekly classified publication called "Uncle Henry's". I'm sure other localities have these. It's basically Craigslist, but on paper.

  4. We a have a few places here in town where people sell cars on the side of the street. There are some awesome ones at times.
    A also like buying off forum members. They usually know what it is really worth and take care of their cars.

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