Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Taco Tuesday: 1966 Bultaco Matador Mk2

One of the consequences of vehicles becoming so valuable that they become art is that if you used them for their primary purpose, you'd diminish their value.  This bike is beautifully turned out and is probably better than it was when it left Spain over 50 years ago.  However if you were to get it to run and rode it down some single track, you'd probably be out half of the asking price.  Sad, really.   Find this 1966 Bultaco Matador Mk2 Model 16 for sale in Olympia, WA for $7,950 via craigslist.

The Matador was an Enduro bike, or in today's language, a dual sport.  Enduro's were meant to be used both on and off road, so you got (some) suspension travel and intermediate tires.  This Matador doesn't run (correction!) does run well at the moment, but is lacking a title per the seller to be street legal.  When you get it to start, you will be propelled forward by a 250cc air-cooled two stroke with distinctive cooling fins on its head.  The engine is said to have been fully rebuilt and has an hour of running time on it.

The tank has been professionally painted with pin striping and new decals.  It has also been treated with tank sealer inside.

The seller's ad lists all the work done and numerous parts replaced:

All chrome parts were replated.
New fenders
Seat professionally recovered 
Frame blasted and painted 
Tank stripped, inside treated with Csawell, repainted and new decals
New wheels bearings
Steering head bearings upgraded to tapered roller bearings
New side panels
New upgraded carburetor (original carb included)
All new cables 
New throttle 
New grips
New levers and Bultaco covers
New speedometer 
New headlight 
New tires and tubes
New Betor shocks
Forks rebuilt 
Engine cases polished 
Most bolts replaced with new Bultaco branded bolts 
Complete original tool kit
Original owners manual (missing the first page)
To much more to mention.
Will come with a box of spares. 

I have a transferable registration and it is about 1 year into the 3 year title process. 
This bike needs the wiring completed to be street legal. All the wires have been pulled in with new correct colors and come together under the air box. Someone with more skill at wiring shouldn't have any problem finishing this. 

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Gianni is Daily Turismo's Pacific Northwest correspondent.


  1. This article states “doesn’t run” this is not accurate. This bike starts and runs great!
    I do state in my ad that the wiring is not complete but this only affects the the lighting.

    The owner.

    1. Robert, sorry for the typo -- I've fixed the listing above to reflect the running condition. Cool bike!



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