Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Spinning Dorito Swap - 1971 Dodge Colt

There you are, scrolling through craigslist with sleep still in your eyes and a cup of joe in hand, upon seeing a set of Welds on a frosty blue hardtop with louvers and a horsey badge, you may keep scrolling and think "yeah, just another Mustang someone has had their way with". But alas no! It's a piece of Japanese muscle that someone much more creative and contrived has bastardized. Find this Wankel powered 1971 Dodge Colt for sale in Durham, NC for an overzealous but negotiable $7,000 via craigslist.

As if the first picture wasn't disappointing enough, we have the awesomely attractive rear quarter view of the Colt coupe almost completely obscured, but it still looks fantastic on the Welds, oddly enough. The bright white top on the faded blue paint looks killer and although the paint does look dull, the owner claims no rust.

It's a little strange to me that someone would go through the trouble to rotary swap a car and choose a 12a over a 13b but maybe that's just what was available or the swap was done at a time when 13b's were relatively new. Though it may be a lateral move or slight upgrade over the stock 100hp 4G32 1.6 liter 4, it will darn sure sound better.

The interior is tastefully done, retaining the stock horizontal speedometer and gauge package. The three spoke wheel is a nice touch and the seats, though not 100% suited to the vibe of the car, are certainly a comfort upgrade form the thin stock buckets. Any guesses on the seats? I'm thinking MA70 Supra.

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Matt is currently 'that neighbor' with a yard full of early Broncos, Toyotas, Lexi, Holdens, and Falcons in downtown Charleston, South Carolina.


  1. I'd like to offer some free DailyTurismo 12-Month wall calendars to DT readers out there in cyberspace, but with a big caveat...I need a photo of your car for the calendar. The plan is to put together a calendar of DT reader's rides...your car! It can be a car you've purchased on DT, found on the side of the road last week, or something you've owned since your 16th birthday -- it really doesn't matter.

    It just has to look like shit.

  2. not sure why we have a troll, but we do

    >> don't feed the troll <<

  3. I taught middle school math and far too many of my students struggled with the use of decimal points.

    The seller here may well be one of my former students.

    $700 and my derision lessens.

    $70 and I my repulsion subsides.

  4. $7 and your nausea evanesces?

    Now you're getting into my price category.

  5. So this car isn't too far from me, and I think it is kinda neat, so I drove on over and checked it out. A lot work has been done and it shows, but a lot still needs to be done. I would price this I the 3500-4000 range (with spares). Unfortunately I am too far into my current project to start over again. Overall it is a solid ride, being sold to buy a house, we've all been there before....


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