Saturday, November 4, 2017

Flawless Presentation: 1996 Honda Accord EX

The bidding on this next car is a tad optimistic.  The glass isn't just half full...the golden goblet is filled to the brim with emeralds and rubies, but wow...what an ad.  The car is probably certainly terrible, but the youtube commercial is top notch.  Find this 1996 Honda Accord EX bidding for something insane like $50k (probably fake bids...FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS!) here on eBay with 4 days to go in Hollywood. Tip from Hugh.

More from the seller:
Luxury is a state of mind.

Watch the commercial here:

Mobile users, click here to watch:  Link

141,095 miles. Clean title. Well-maintained— maintenance records available on request. Registered through 8/8/2018. Passed smog check in August 2017. Brand new battery. Bug shield, rubber duckies, and tape converter included. It has only two owners ever: me for the last 14 years and our neighbor who sold it to us.

The commercial was made by my fiance Max. If the above link wasn't working, you can watch it here:

See a better way to get top dollar for a junker?


  1. Haha it is up to 100k with 4 days left. It will be fun to watch and see if it gets to a million.

  2. Somebody's crank is geting yanked...


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