Monday, November 13, 2017

Fear This: 1989 Geo Metro Van

The Geo Metro was the product of a joint venture between GM and Suzuki from back in the 1990s.  It wasn't the worst car ever built (cough cough L31 Nissan Altima...) but driving one isn't a good experience unless you are an automotive masochist (ahem...cough Kaibeezy...cough) so this next one has been modified to make it worth a second glance.  Find this 1989 Geo Metro Van offered for $5,500 in San Lorenzo, CA via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

 From the seller:
This is a custom built 1989 Chevy Geo Metro, runs great, gets 25-30 mpg, has 90K miles, $15,000 invested in time and materials, real head-turner. This car is ideal for marketing your business or as a delivery vehicle. Custom built body and custom upholstery, removable shelf divider in rear, interior safety roll bar. I took this car to the Good Guy's car show one year and got a standing ovation just driving through! $5500 or trade.

See a better way to van?


  1. this is bait
    [image src="" width="200px"/]

  2. Just the furniture delivery truck I need for my new store “House of Bean Bag Chairs”
    BTW , you know what’s really weird? How hard it is th tell the difference between the chairs and the packing materials.

  3. Need to change the decal slightly to "Fear getting stuck behind this."

  4. He built this to fight back depression after being fired from his job as an aerodynamics engineer.

    I assume a typo regarding his reception at a car gathering. Easy one to make:

    I believe he meant "jeering" instead of "cheering" attendees.

  5. "Fear This," huh? Fear what, a stiff cross breeze?


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