Saturday, November 25, 2017

Bag & Tagged: 2004 Mini Cooper

The re-invented 21st century Mini was designed/developed around the turn of the century in a collaboration between Rover and BMW...but ultimately the design was much more Munich and not so much Gaydon.  The car was produced in Oxford, England, but with an American designer, French engines, and German engineering, so it is about as British as bratwurst, Laissez-faire politics, or the metric system.  It was, however, a paradigm of practicality, maneuverability, and unpretentious fun...this next example...not so much.  Find this 2004 Mini Cooper offered for $2,600 in Kennesaw, GA via craigslist. Tip from Jeff.

From the seller:
Airlift performance air struts & V2 digital management. 
Hotchkis rear camber kit. 
Diamond Racing wheels
Front 16x10 0
Rear 16x 10 -76
Brand new tires. 
Engine and transmission is perfect. Nothing wrong with the engine or trans. Trans is 2 years old. Replaced by Mini of kennesaw. Have paperwork. 
Mileage is 132K.
Clinched 12cm slider flares in rear. Front flares are 7cm slider. ( I have them but not on the car. )
The car has a wooden pbr can as a shift knob. I took out the e break and shift boots to replace but haven't got around to doing so. 
Just redid the management set up. Carpet.

Only thing that's wrong with the car is that the driver window regulator is out. Also needs a battery. Maybe, not sure just talk to me and we will see. Driver side door cable is loose or needs replacing and as mentioned shift boots. Other than that it's fine. Car runs and drives great. Bags work great.

Need it gone!!!!

 See another car that'll get you and INSTANT DUI?


  1. "Only thing that's wrong with the car is that the driver window regulator is out."

    You're sure that's the only thing "wrong?"

  2. Sorry I bombed the site earlier.
    I guess this Scheisse mini was bad mojo.

    1. No worries Sean. This Mini should be put out of its misery.

      I will however use the opportunity to reflect on how flippin' cheap the R53 Cooper S can be found now. $3k - $5k all day long. I heard from a friend that the Chrysler collaboration on the Prince engine in these was actually very fortuitous, because they were out of time and budget to optimize everything, they overbuilt the crap out of it. Similar to the original SRT4 engine. Super stout and understressed at stock power levels. It makes me think about ditching my NA Miata trackday car for an R53 CS plus a few bucks for a smaller supercharger pulley and decent tires.

    2. I have been leisurely shopping for an inexpensive Cooper S. There are many deals out there.
      I just can't get past the interior. The center speedo and gauges are so mickey mouse. I guess an option for me would be to rip it all out and just do a custom Stack or other custom read-out.
      The other small car that intrigues me is the Audi TT for auto X
      the prices are so low. I also have owned Audis and they have been expensive. Still temping

      Next time fry the site I will do a mandatory K2 on myself for a month ;)

    3. I have enjoyed an R53 for the last 10 years and can support that they are inexpensive to own. Really no issues mechanically and surprising (to me) that with all of the electronic aspects, there really hasn't been any electrical gremlins either. Has been an enjoyable car and I haven't identified anything that I want to replace it for.

    4. Regarding that TT posted in Sean Scott's reply above: why wouldn't someone with an after-market turbo boost gauge not bother setting the current date in the IC? Just curious.

    5. @Sean Scott: IIRC, if you ordered these 1st gen cars with the factory nav system, it occupied the center pie plate of the speedo you hate. they then moved the analog speedo to sit adjacent to the tach. not sure if you would be happier with that sort of Mickey Mouse silhouette, tho.

  3. What’s the deal with the decambered suspension and the wide wheels with skinny tires? Is it a furry thing?

  4. 3 shots soaped up in a carwash? Lead shot with a detail rag on the hood?

    Most of the rest from far away, or IN THE DARK?

    Makes me want to run away from this best, screaming for my life (or wallet), with my kidneys still inside my body.

    -Stan (the *other* Stan...the one who likes cars)

    1. One of my least favorite type of CL ad is a pink soapy over filtered snapchat picture of a car being washed with the caption "washing bae" with cute emojis

  5. Please change title to: Teabagged & Tagged

  6. car has a wooden pbr can as a shift knob

    car has a wooden pbr can as a shift knob

    car has a wooden pbr can as a shift knob

    nope, it's still there


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