Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday Twister: Engine Swap

For this week's Thursday Twister, I'm going to go to one of my favorite subjects --, not wife swaps, that is just plain nasty, ENGINE SWAPS!  Help find the best swapped beasts around.

The swap I found is this 1977 Toyota Celica GT with a Honda F22C1 swap out of an AP2 S2000 offered for $35,000 in San Gabriel, CA.  Yikes...that is pricey.  Find something more affordable. 

Comments below.


  1. There were a lot of cool swaps that turned up on the Atlanta Craigslist - but I'm going to go with this M42 into a BMW 2002. It's not the fastest or the cleanest or the most original, but I'm posting it anyway. Just because it gives the car a big power bump but the same exact "flavor" as the original.

    [image src="" width="400px"/]

  2. Check out this LS Swapped FR-S for the equivalent of $17253.75 USD

  3. That Celica carries the Mini-Mustang theme a little too far with the Eleanor paint scheme, but I suspect its a fun driver.

  4. That's funny because I found this 1973 Celica w/ 350 LT1 last night and was going to send it as a tip. Similar car but built in a different direction.

    1. I like the price on this one MUCH betta...but the overspray and "2%" unfinishedness is sketchy.

  5. Check out this 1958 Ford Fairlane that howls....
    http://www.streetmusclemag. com/features/car-features/58- ford-sleeper-surprises-many- with-its-coyote-power/

  6. My personal favorite, electrical demon and all. Ive been watching the price drop and really hope I'm not tempted.

  7. Et par hundrede quid vil købe dig et godt ur i sig selv uden at skulle ty til at købe en falsk.replika rolex ureVisse Seiko ure eller små mærker som Smiths eller Precista fra Timefactors har enorme følgende og med rette. replika Rolex ure De har store, holdbare mekaniske bevægelser og vil tjene i mange år.


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