Monday, October 2, 2017

Thunder Stick: 1993 Ford Lightning 5 speed

The first generation Ford Lightning pick up truck was marketed as a Mustang GT with a pick up bed.  The good folks from SVT worked their magic on a F150 and created a muscle truck complete with a brawny 5.8 engine and suspension make over.  The 1993-95 Lightning was not particularly quick new (definitely not now), but it was able to haul a real payload unlike the GMC Syclone.  Ford only fitted these trucks with E4OD auto trans, but today's example has been converted to a M5R2 5 speed manual transmission making it a rare bird worthy of DT readership eyes.  Find this 1993 Ford Lightning for sale in Northeast, CT for $9,500 via craigslist.

The seller is reluctantly offering up his prized truck because he is looking for a newer quad cab.  The manual trans swap is said to look factory and only has covered about 1,500 miles since completed.  The odometer shows 144,000 miles.  This Lightning is a turn key driver that gets many compliments on the road.  AC blows cold and is still filled with R12.

The engine is stock aside from a side exit exhaust that is made up of Bassani and Magnaflow components.  Other modifications include a Exstang Trifecta cover with bedliner and mat and custom gauge inlay based off a second generation Lightning.  Recent maintenance includes new radiator, fuel pump, rear brakes, wheel bearings, seals, and more.

The negatives are a missing center cap and the cab corners are starting to bubble up with surface rust.  There is no rot anywhere and frame is rust free. 

See a truck where you can dump the clutch and melt the tires? email

Cory is hoping to have the door panels and seats swapped in his 1995 Mercedes C36 this coming weekend.


  1. Cleveland rocks. Nice find Cory. Sent it to a friend so, we'll see.

  2. Buy a Syclone, add some rear leaf springs and it can go from a 500lb payload to 1000lbs or more. A Syclone can be a usable truck and the speed... oh lordy. Even by today's standard a Syclone is a fast ass thing. I do however wish mine was a manual which of course they never offered.

  3. I'm so excited, thanks for the fabulous autograph!
    [image src="" width="400px"/]

  4. What exactly constitutes "flavorful meat", I wonder...?

    Ahh, now the Lady Gaga connection makes more sense.


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