Monday, October 23, 2017

Smoked A Ton: 1991 Pontiac Trans Am

This next car came in as a tip from Jimmy who writes: Whoa, this guy did most of your work for you. Is this a contributor?  I'm not sure...we've got a motley crew of writers around here, but I think this car is way too nice for a DT writer?  Find this 1991 Pontiac Trans Am offered for $6,500 in Minneapolis, MN via craigslist. Tip from Jimmy.

 From the seller:
I wish the state would let me buy two personalized license plates because this car needs to say BUSINESS in the front and PARTY in the back.

The 5.0L V8 has tuned port injection (TPI) which means this car is fast enough to escort a semi carrying 400 cases of Coors from Texarkana to Atlanta even without a Turbo Boost. 

This car is almost entirely original as it was the day it left the Pontiac plant in Van Nuys, CA except for an aftermarket radio. It features AM/FM/CD/aux/USB and integrated iPod controls but only plays Toby Keith. 

The interior is in good shape for its age but you should know I smoked a ton in this car... of tires, that is!

Email me with any questions. No shoes, no shirt, no problem.

See a better way to drive like Michael Knight?


  1. 1) Correct number of pedals 2) Shiny steering wheel 3) Armour All applied to dash= count me in!

  2. The ad was written so well, made me chuckle.

  3. This gives me an idea for a new DT business venture: "Hire DT to write your 'for sale' ad!"

    The average Joe or Jane who's not so slick with their words could pay a small fee and have a DT Contributor write the ad for them.

    It's Win-Win, DT makes millions* and we all get more entertaining ads to enjoy.

    *Currency purposely not specified

  4. Ah yes, the Grant GT steering wheel. So 80's/90's it comes with a bottle of Drakkar Noir.

    1. Haha! I soooo agree. Cheap and cheesy. I shamefully work at a shop that resto-mods cars and their go-to steering wheels are these tacky and dated Grant GTs (if not something worse). They're plain awful. Makes me ill just thinking about it.

      Vince, can we have a Thursday Twister where we can all just post our most-hated aftermarket vehicle parts/accessories? Though there are countless (most are sitting on shelves at Pep Boys), I'd have to go with billet steering wheels, especially ones with designs instead of spokes. Billet wheels are a close second.

    2. Indeed! I gotta go with the fake fender vent stick-ons. Whoever added them to the Maserati Quattroporte (that looks good) must be hating life when he sees these gems on every other banged up Eclipse or early 2000 Chevy Malibu-ish turd on the road. :D

      [image src="" width="500px"/]

    3. I like to joke that people who put those on their cars have Buick envy. My Buick doesn't have ventports, however...


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