Friday, October 6, 2017

Silver Surfer: 1974 Triumph Spitfire

There is no better money spent on a car than a serious investment from the previous owner and today we've got a whooper.  How about $24,000 spent and countless weekends of assembly -- and you get the entire package from something you can negotiate that is less than $10k. Find this 1974 Triumph Spitfire offered for $10,000 in Campbell, CA via craigslist.

From the seller:
This is a very unique Spitfire. The project started out with a near perfect 40,000 mile car. Originally it was sky blue, now it is Ford GT silver. It was completely taken apart. The frame and suspension has been powder painted. Dash was custom using the original dash as a template. 

Engine was purchased from a company in England that makes performance engines. There is way too much to list on all the parts that are new. Project is approximately 90% complete. I have over $24,000 invested. I just don't have time to finish. No low ballers please. 

See a better way to spend the other guy's cash?


  1. Reads like a 'flipper' and not the builder. HP? Engine builder? Why is 'too much to list?' Has $24k in it..but no receits? Holy Cow, Dash was custom using the original dash as a template. Must sell-can't drive stick.

  2. Cynical-Sunday, but I do like it.

    1. A lot, but with Miata's out there, I'd never do another MG despite the enjoyment of those days.

  3. Ditto, Barb.

    You gotta be a marque devotee or DSM-V worthy to take these projects on over even the roughest Miata fantasy.

  4. Ninety percent finished... but that last ten percent takes forever!

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  9. I've never seen spambots carrying out a conversation with "each other" in the comments. Should we be concerned? Is Skynet about to become self aware?


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