Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Oddbucket: 1957 Auto Union 1000 Estate

The Auto Union 1000 was a front-wheel drive oddity that predated the Auto Union & NSU marriage that became what we know today as Audi..but its spirit is still uniquely German and Audiesque.  Find this  1957 Auto Union 1000 Estate here on eBay bidding for $2,000 in Boulevard, CA with 4 days to go.

A few words from the seller:
 Up for sale is my 1957 Auto Union "Universal".  It is a pretty clean example with the engine looking all original.  The VIN tag is there and legible.  I also have some spare parts in a box in the car, such as trim pieces and such.  Good project and something rare for an Audi or VW fan.  

See a better way to drive something peculiar?


  1. fantastic looking DKW Combi, always loved these and I can use my old Merc 2-stroke outboard hwen the engine quits. G in the Toronto

  2. Love those 2-strokes! What is the car with the split rear window parked behind the Auto Union?


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