Thursday, October 26, 2017

Jaguaint: 1980 Jaguar XJS with LT1 V8 6-Speed

Last week we posted a few questionable Jaguar machines that had been Chevified with a carburetor fed small block mated to a TH350 slushbox, but today I've got a fuel injected Jaguaro with a 6-speed manual box...but you've seen this car before when it sold for something above $7k.  Find this 1980 Jaguar XJS with LT1 V8 offered for $17,500 near St Louis, MO via craigslist. Tip from Rock On!

From the seller:
Hello, You are viewing my 1980 Jaguar XJS that is completely modified/restomoded, with 19k miles since restoration. 
Drive-train 5.7L GM LT-1 V8 6-speed Tremec T56 Manual Trans-Dana Independent Rear-End w/ ~3.31 gears.
Drives smooth, tight transmission and clutch. No smoke, ice cold AC. 
Exterior is Silver (great shine and finish), shaved side markers, good gaps and flat panels. 
Has a Arden 5-piece body kit and 17"x 8" ADR Wheels w/ New Tires.
Has a Pioneer Sound System 4 6" speakers, 3 10" subs, 3 Nakamichi amps Auto Meter gauges Cloth racing
seats (adjustable tilt and slide) Sparco 3" Harnesses, with new carpet.

Custom center console, Painless Performance wiring, Stainless Fuel Cell and Enclosed Fuel Pump and Trunk-Mounted Battery. 
Mechanically the car is very sound and dependable. 
When you open the hood this V8 installation looks like it came from the factory this way! This car has been on multiple "Hot Rod Power Tour" long haul
road trips from Louisville-Milwaukee-Dallas-Louisville, Louisville-Houston-Tampa-Louisville, and several more...all with no issues. 
Recent work in the past 200 miles includes new intake gasket, front brakes,water pump, hood shocks, and new tires!
The exterior paint is in great shape. The car has no rust that I can find. 

Overall this is a very fun car that you can drive anywhere with confidence. It actually gets great gas mileage on the
highway (1500 RPM at 80mph) and is very fast and 48mph in first gear. This car was converted to a
6-speed Tremec manual transmission using a factory Jaguar right-hand drive clutch assembly. 
All conversion work done was done by a gentleman who has 40+ years
experience in the automotive restoration business. Between the
engine/trans conversion, interior, and the body kit, this car is truly one of a kind XJS !
A pre-purchase inspection is more than welcomed. Said vehicle is sold in "as is" condition. Records included.
If you have questions please email me your phone # and I will call you back.

See a better way to find the jagged edge of awesome?


  1. Arrrr-ighty then. I do believe I'd be interested in such a beast. Alas, wrong continent.

  2. Added 1000 miles and intake gasket, tires, water pump etc and 3 years and 10k to the price. Even quoting the original ad. Hopeful...


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