Thursday, October 12, 2017

Drivin' A Truck: 1974 Peterbilt 359 Cummins

I can't be the only one who fantasizes about driving a big old truck.  Driving a truck might not be a profession that your high school guidance counselor will recommend...but how many more Pharmacists does the world need...and I want to shift gears all day until my arm is swole. But I don't want to spend the few hundred grand that it costs for a new semi truck, so I'll find something more DT priced on craigslist.  Like this 1974 Peterbilt offered for $2,500 in Napa, CA via craigslist.

 From the seller:
1974 Peterbilt 359 two axle tractor . Currently not running with cummins big cam 400 , 8 speed trans, air ride cab, and pete air leaf suspension . Alcoa wheels all the way around with 295-75-22.5 tires . Needs one steer tire . Truck is a good solid project with good body . Clean non opt title 

See a better car for hauling your chicken cages?


  1. Put on a flat bed and make it your daily. Should haul.. well, ass - and what ever you can fit onto the flat bed -lead bars, etc. Alas my HOA likely wouldn't appreciate how cool it is and it would be hard to get it into the garage.

  2. Just the thing to turn into a stealth motor home / tiny house on a big ass truck.

    Plop a ISO container on it and finish it out.

  3. That is insane that this beast is only $2500, it's got to be worth that much in scrap metal alone!

    1. That's the spirit!! Some hipster would pay a few hundred for each tire so he can start his own backyard crossfit training class.

  4. I have always dreamed of getting a smaller forward cab with double cab and putting an RV trailer on the back so I can tow toys and go camping. My better half is just not into these "strange" toys like I am. George in Canada

  5. Brings to mind that country classic "I'm goin down to Nashville to get my Peterbuilt..."

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