Friday, October 20, 2017

Coffee Brake: Weekend

I've got some non-car related stuff this weekend but I also need to sort some stuff on the Mustang that lives in my garage...but enough about me...what are you doing this weekend?

Comments below.


  1. Working (dammit). But at least the weather will be nice (and traffic sparse) enough to bike commute. I've been on a cycling kick lately. Right in time for the weather to do it's "Ohio" thing.

  2. Snow tires,the forecast tells me. :(

  3. Weather has been super nice all week, but of course, rain is forecast for the weekend. SO, instead of doing a road ride (cycling) I'll probably do some off road stuff on my mountain or CX bike... oh, and drinking afterwards.

  4. The weather is still great here in Toronto and after working all day in the garden yesterday, I am thinking of taking my old P 924S on a run through some 2-lane highways. the leaves are just beginning to turn here. Of course a beer tastes great after a good day out. George

  5. Pouring rain here in Vancouver and its supposed to continue all weekend, and then then let up Monday, right in time to go back to work. I just started building a shed so I can clear out the garage and move a car inside, but I don't feel like working in the rain so I guess I will be doing something inside, probably some drywall work...

  6. After 4 months of disassembling pretty much the entire car I should be wrapping up the reawakening of our 91' Mitsubishi Galant VR-4. Looking forward to getting this thing back on the road.

  7. Sounds like a great guest post on your reawakening project.

  8. Work. And work.

    Then a training run for a 50k next month that goes from Corbett Wildlife Refuge to the beach on Hobe Sound. Only 4 miles of paved road over the whole thing.


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