Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Clutch Player: 2006 BMW 550i

By the early 2000s most mid-sized luxury sedans were equipped with automatic-only gearboxes, unless it was an expensive and finicky motorsports edition (such as BMW's M-cars, Audi's S-line etc).  The notable exception to the torque convertor brigade was the BMW 5-series that offered a V8 mated to a manual gearbox in a large sedan, starting as far back we can remember and continuing to 540i, 545i, 550i, etc. Find this 2006 BMW 550i here on eBay with starting bid of $5,000 and $9,900 buy-it-now located in Brooklyn, NY.

From the seller:
Up for sale extra clean BMW 550i ,super rare collectable, m package color ,red brick color interior, it 6 speed manual transmission, 4.8 engine, heads up display navigation,sport seats ,sunroof parking sensors, ,new tires micheline and new brakes, no issues at all,drives like new ,no rattles no squeaks,no issues at all  ,no warning lights , on the rear bumper and hood there is plastic protection, on the pumper it has scratches and it is plastic peal off, oterwise car is extra clean, only serious buyers, call me for more detailed info 9292910102

 Item specifics
Condition: Used Year: 2006
VIN (Vehicle Identification Number): WBANB53596CN93222 Mileage: 107,232
Make: BMW Exterior Color: Blue
Interior Color: Red
Trim: 550i Number of Cylinders: 8
Engine: 4.8 Transmission: Manual
Drive Type: RWD Vehicle Title: Clear

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  1. At this price I was expecting a salvage title, but it says it's clean. Do these really go for less than $10k?! I don't know what the maintenance is like but it seems like a bargain if it doesn't blow up on you.

    1. You still have to look at it unfortunately. I'm not a huge Bangle-basher---time has proven that he was groundbreaking in some of his signature design elements, but the e60 was just completely overwrought with unnecessarily poor styling. This car sent a lot of lifetime BMW addicts looking elsewhere, with many of them never to come back---I'm one of them.

    2. Good point, nobody ever walked away and looked back over their shoulder longingly at an E60.

    3. True, but you don't see the Banglization from the driver's seat as you grab third at 95.

  2. Newer BMWs just seem to be slightly too big and heavy for my taste
    550aye aye aye
    [image src="https://images.craigslist.org/00a0a_6sKg3kzp5Kz_600x450.jpg" width="400px"/]

  3. Wow! V8, stick, brown leather. This checks a lot of good boxes for less than $10k. I might have to consider one of these when my current lease is up.

  4. Really dig this generation 5-series. Had an '08 550i with the M Sport package and wheels. Bought a CPO car with 28k and ran it up to 80k over a four year period. Short of one battery and a water pump, didn't have lick of shit out of it. It was deceivingly fast and a pleasure to drive. Before I got my current car, I looked for a low miles 2008 to 2010 model, but at the time, I couldn't find one to my liking. :\

  5. Thanks a lot for posting this


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