Friday, October 13, 2017

4WD Oddball: 1988 Toyota Sprinter Carib

This next car comes as a tip from Matt C who writes: If you're importing a JDM car, you could go for the performance cars they never sold here, like a Skyline GTR. Or you could get something that was too cute or tiny to sell here, like a Honda Beat or Autozam AZ-1. But this guy went for something REALLY unexpected: Find this 1988 Toyota Sprinter Carib offered for $7000 near Atlanta, GA via craigslist.

From the seller:
 1988 toyota sprinter carib (corolla) 4x4 ! 5 speed transmission, only 45500 1 owner miles !!
Super nice with AC, PS and center differential lock.Runs and drives great!! Same drivetrain as many US toyotas.
Clear GA Title in my name. Fully US legal and imported by myself under the 25 year law.

See a stranger car for sale?


  1. Strange that this was imported as they could have but a LHD version here, as they were sold from 88-92 in US with same 1600cc motor trans/center diff lock. The US spec ones go for 2-3.5k typically although w/more miles. Owner have imported a later version that had adjustable suspension. In the US, the 92 5-speed had upgraded syncros over the other 4 years (avoiding the dreaded 5th gear pop out). These are actually very capable soft-roaders. Lots of modified ones in AUS and Russia. a few later Toyota motors drop in w/only a little grinding to clear the transfer case. -bikerjosh

  2. And if the Toyota is a bit too small for your 4WD needs, it looks as if you could pick up several surplus Humvees.

  3. I have looked at a lot of JDM vehicles and would only consider the ones that were built with LHD since I live in a city that is dangerous enough to drive in with LHD since I am surrounded by recent immigrants that are used to driving RHD vehicles and always end up using my lane! George in Toronto Canada

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