Monday, October 9, 2017

480 Horsepower V8 Powered; 2000 Porsche Boxster S

The first generation Boxster was Porsche's first road-going mid engine car since the 914 and as such was bestowed with fantastic handling, grip, steering, controls; truly a sublime car to drive with gusto, particularly in the faster "S" trim.  This next example takes the excellent chassis and shoves an all-alloy 'Murican V8 behind the rear seats.  Expect excitement.  Find this 2000 Porsche Boxster S  here on eBay offered for $35,000 buy-it-now or make-offer located in Marietta, GA.

 From the seller:

2000 Porsche Boxster S - 480HP LS3 V8 Conversion
Slate grey metallic exterior w/ light grey top
149,750 miles on the chassis. Lifelong Georgia car, clean Carfax
Chevy LS376/480 crate motor w/ "hot cam" conversion with 480 horsepower!
Approx. 8,000~ miles on engine/conversion
Retains Factory 6-Speed manual transmission
18" BBS SR Wheels
H & R RSS Coil over suspension
Electric Power Steering Conversion
Car weighs in @ under 3,000 pounds

Most recent video of car:

Thanks for checking out my car! If you want something unique then you've found it!!  I've built and documented it over the last 3 years and believe it to be the best sorted Boxster V8 conversion out there.  Mechanically everything but the transmission, alternator and A/C compressor have been replaced or upgraded to new and those items are in perfect working order.

The convertible top has been upgraded with a glass rear window, is in good overall condition and operates properly.  Clean Carfax with no accidents, still has its' original paint which shines up very well.  Seats were upgraded to Porsche sport seats in black and have typical bolster wear on the drivers side and some water spots but are in good overall condition with no tears.

The car is extremely fun to drive, very fast and is still very nimble!  The mid-engine design really allows you to take advantage of the extra power and handling capabilities and in my opinion is waaaaay better then building a 996/911 due to much better weight distribution.  I would be glad to answer any questions you may have on the car so feel free to message me and we can exchange numbers.  The car is located in Marietta, GA and it is the buyers responsibility to arrange pickup or shipping.  If you are interested I would encourage you to come check the car out in person~

Current pictures:!AuNVw6VKpVsxkDd2jrbQ051db_rv

Build Pictures:!AuNVw6VKpVsxkQu-G0ZNcRVAwNsY

2013 Chevy crate motor, LS376/480 376CI 6.2 Liter All-Aluminum V8 with optional GM “hot-cam", 480 Horsepower and 475 pound-feet of torque
GM factory controller kit including ECU, Electronic throttle pedal, Oxygen sensors etc. Everything needed to run the new engine AND make it EMISSIONS COMPLIANT!!! Car is currently registered in Georgia with recent emissions but please check your local laws
Renegade Hybrids Basic installation kit
Renegade Hybrids Electric power steering kit
ALL optional parts Renegade Hybrids were installed~
 -Alternator and A/C brackets
 -Electric water pump
 -Weld in stiffing cross member
 -High Performance Clutch Disc, Pressure plate and throwout bearing
Cooling system replaced and upgraded (3) CSF Aluminum radiators & heater core
Porsche Coolant Reservoir tank
Corvette C5 engine mount brackets
Hinson Supercars Urethane Engine Mounts
WEVO Boxster V8 transmission mounts
High flow Vibrant Catalytic Converters
IMI High Torque Starter
18" BBS SR wheels w/ Sumitomo 265 rear 225 front tires
H&R RSS Coil over suspension
Brakes fully rebuilt & powder coated calipers
Hawk HP Plus brake pads, Stainless steel brake lines, new rotors
Custom exhaust system with high flow catalytic converters - Has current GA emissions
Custom Fiberglass rear firewall & modified top engine cover
Refinished Xenon headlights
Porsche power sport seats
Alpine CDE163BT CD Player, JL MX 4 Channel Amp, Alpine Type R component speakers


  1. Nice conversion, great shape. But I wonder how much power the stock Porsche manual trans will take before it grenades and starts guzzling your wallet?

  2. I've seen a lot of Porsche fans debate about what the best fix for the IMS bearing issue is. This should settle the question for good.

  3. Almost 500HP in a car under 3000lbs should be wild! I like it!

  4. As outlandish as it is, it is also pretty freaking cool. How much more does the American lump weigh compared to the stock engine? Physics being what they are and all.

    1. Polar moment dominates handling approaching and matriculating turns, so the added weight might not make that big a difference for track days. I'm also always surprised by the purported weight differences of these swaps as they are always less than I expect.

    2. The thing I've always said is that a properly designed 5.7 liter engine just has bigger holes than a 3.2 liter engine. How much does air weigh, anyway? :)

    3. From what I have read- there might be less than 30 lbs between the two- the LS3 (aluminum heads & block) weighs in around 418 shipping weight (dry)- So I really don't think you can call it an "American Lump!"

  5. Kinda expensive for a car with water spots on the seats, dings in the paint, and the original tranny (which will probably fail, should the new owner use all the power)

  6. Beautiful and energetic delivery. Strong engine, I love this car.

  7. Welding on the green intake pipe??

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