Tuesday, October 31, 2017

1975 VW Beetle Custom

If you are a gear-head, your taste in 60's spooky sitcoms probably leans more towards the Munsters vs. The Addams Family.  The Munsters had their Barris Koach and Grandpa's Drag-u-la whereas all the Addams Family had was a V-12 Packard.  Maybe if they had this VW with a 351 Windsor in it, your viewing habits might be different.  Find this 1975 VW Beetle Custom for sale in Grand View, ID for $12,000 via craigslist.

From the seller:

This is a VW custom hot rod - titled as a 1975 VW Super Beetle. Clear Idaho title. Runs and drives great - check out our youtube video titled "VW Super Beetle Hot Rod 351 Windsor

You will be the only one at the car shows with this cool custom!!

ENGINE - 1969 Ford 351 Windsor newly rebuilt, Holley 600 carburetor newly rebuilt, new electronic ignition, custom aluminum radiator - runs 180 degrees all day, custom front 5 gallon fuel tank. 

TRANSMISSION - Ford C4 automatic shifts excellent, custom shifter

DIFFERENTIAL - 1962 Chevy II with 3.00 gears, new bearings and seals, custom professionally made drive shaft, Ford Pinto rear leaf springs with custom shock mounts 

SUSPENSION - Front axle is 1956 Ford F100, custom front springs and radius rods, 1962 Chevy II steering box, custom shock mounts

FRAME - The body is channeled over the frame, the frame is a Model A type 2 x 3 box tubing with custom rear frame section

BODY - 1975 Super Beetle with custom made sheet metal floor layered with particle board on top, which is a favorite technique with pro builders; custom made firewall; 3" wider new fiberglass rear fenders

INTERIOR - New carpet, new door panels, custom steering with vintage steering wheel, Tom Tom GPS for speedometer, new oil pressure, water temperature, and amp gauges, new custom seats

GLASS - Original windshield with no cracks, all new mouldings front, rear, and quarter windows, new one piece side window kits installed - could use refinement by a VW expert

Tires are new, wheels are aluminum Cragar Drag Stars.

BRAKES - 1962 Chevy II master cylinder, 1956 Ford F100 front drums, 1962 Chevy II rear drums

PAINT - Good with some flaws, not show quality, could be improved by a professional detailer. 

Please message with any questions. NO trades. 

Vehicle is sold as is with no implied warranties. Buyer responsible for pick up.

See a better vehicle for Gomez? email us here: tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. I feel used. But not as used as that pickup truck in the background missing the front drums and the Chevy II missing its rear end. Can't wait to see what those are morphed into. The absolute genius of selecting primer gray as the engine color allowed the carb to be sprayed, when it might have otherwise been ignored.I love image 21 of the ad which shows the top of the jack stand having been freshly repainted in the same black as the surrounding bits of drive line.

    1. Your Image 21 reference, LOL, good eye. The whole "Damn-the rear axles/assembly must be new" idea the seller was going for went right out the window. :D


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