Monday, September 18, 2017

What Am I? A Thing

It is Monday morning, and time to solve the weekly What Am I? puzzle, and today we've got one from the camera of a DT regular.

What Am I? Comments below.


  1. Looks vaguely Grand Am/Prix-ish. I'm gonna go down the Pontiac rathole for a few.

  2. i think this one's too hard, Vince - i didn't even know what it was after i read the chrome lettering on the side of the car - i don't think i've ever even seen one before, neither in person nor a photo, and i've been to a fair few car shows here over the past couple of years - research shows it was a disappointing, brutish and short 4-year run, last gasp of an old-tech model

    couple of hints: i took the photos in the parking lot of my local shopping center, far northern UK - it was so nice to see a lovely old 70s car, with fine details like that beveled chrome on the grill and shouldered sheet metal around the headlight - the petite scale of it contrasted with the surrounding chunky mcblobmobiles everyone drives here because *modern* cheapest-of-the-cheap beancounter steel rusts out when it *sees* salt, like a fainting goat - the color isn't exactly black, nor dark gray, but a very dark greenish tint, gorgeous - the mirrors are mounted on the fenders, cool!

    any ideas?

  3. It almost looks like a Dodge Aspen, except the turn signal area is filled in.

  4. British. If correct, I wouldn't be upset if you said so.

  5. Ugh!! I literally have a complete picture of this car in my head, but don't recall what it is. If memory serves, one was on the site not too long ago, no? I could be wrong on that, but damn it Jim.......!!!

  6. Uncle.

    However in trolling these here internets looking for an answer (was thinking some oddball Gilbern or Reliant), I did come across the awesomely tame sounding Reliant Kitten.

  7. Could it be a...Vauxhall Ventora?! Or Victor? Either way it's an FE.

  8. Replies
    1. Yep, Victor. But that one sure is derpy looking. Vince, would you post up the photos I sent? You'll see what I was on about with the proportions and all. Fun quiz! :)


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