Monday, September 11, 2017

What Am I? Round Three

Last week's What Am I? puzzle survived yet another round, so it is time to show a slightly larger (less cropped) version of the original.  Solve this puzzle!!

Comments below.

Updated 9/12 -- Great job JG750!


  1. Replies
    1. This is SO close that I'm gonna give it to ya. It is a '47 Ford

    2. Here it is:
      [image src= width=400px/]

    3. Must be an early '47 build. Looking at pictures online the '46's had those grill bars, but their turn signals were mounted above it rather than next to it. The '47's all appear to be without that painted strip in the middle and with the turn signal mounted below the headlight.

  2. some kind of snouty 60s Pontiac?
    [image src=""/]

  3. not a '42 Chrysler
    [image src="" width="500px"/]

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  6. Having trouble getting image inserted but looks like 37 Cord, HT Sean Scott

  7. If questions are allowed, is this an automobile?

  8. Ok, still stumped, time for group spit ball session. This is what I see:

    1) front of car, top right corner has plain round headlight bezel peaking. So 1950's to 1980
    2) just below has turn signal, not flush or ornate, more stick on after thought..Gives a 1960-1980 vibe.
    3) that much ornate chrome/curves in 60's 70's gives a bump to a European/eastern block mfg.
    4) perhaps a faux grill? So aircooled?

    Last, has a 1950 tatra aircooled look. But not actualy that. Similar.

    What does everybody else spy with their little eye?

    1. I'm still thinking its 50's vintage. I was all over late 40's 50's American pickups including Studebaker. Its not dressy enough for the Cord. The list of "what its not" is long with this one.
      Those bands appear to be stainless like Buick used in the 50's. Buick was keen on painting the center of their sweeps spears. I was thinking it was a lower end, cheap car, but that's a lot of dress up for a cheap car. But it keeps me in the 50's.
      After he gave us the headlight, I switched to looking at smaller cars, given the size of the headlight relative to the transition that's shown, suggesting it doesn't go up much higher than what is shown. What we're seeing appears to be just the lower end of the the grill. It looks like it transitions into the nose just above the top strip.
      That's all the spit I've got.

  9. American LaFrance.

  10. not a 1941 Horch 853 Sport Cabriolet fire coupe
    [image src="" width="500px"/]

  11. Late 40's Chevrolet/GMC COE?


  12. Pretty sure the 46 and 47 had a red stripe in the middle on all cars , not black. Or is that the Deluxe only...


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